Making Dash Nation on Discord Great Again


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Feb 19, 2017
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It sounds good, but as usual for a man of your towering and imposing Ego, you fail to examine the reasons why people may have left your walled garden and gone to another location in the first instance. Speaking for myself, it was the control of the discourse by heavy handed moderation at the time that was a major reason for me to leave. In particular I did not like that outspoken and objectionable community members were often banned or at the very least had their posts removed, this serves only to cover up their misdeeds and make them look good, I'd rather those infractions of civility remain on the public record for all to see. I also very much protest against your net nanny filter on course language, If DASH NATION is a global phenomena, then you better damn well adhere to more liberal language as that which comes of our Europe and Asia, do not enforce North American TV (MPAA/RIAA) censorship on us, the world.

DASH TALK is not perfect either, on several occasions they jump to banning and deleting the posters backlogs of comments which resulted in the ban. This happened numerous times, more than can be excused as a sheer accident and after myself having fallen victim to almost the same thing, I decided to spend less time there as well.

Learn from your mistakes, make the necessary adjustments, or don't bother at all because you're not being serious.


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Aug 10, 2020
There is now a dedicated channel on Dash Nation on Discord for Dash Queen contestants to post their pictures and for any fans to interact with them. Look for the #dash-queen channel.