LocalDash - Local decentralized marketplace for FIAT-DASH


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Jan 4, 2016
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So this is a no-brainer, the idea is for people to login create accounts, and offer dash for fiat. Be able to list their meeting spots and/or electronic transaction.

I would propose to have some additional solutions, like connection with local wallets, and multisig accounts. Maybe some of the new evolution could be proposed, and an arbitration service.

We can have gateways to TorNet, and ZeroNet for additional decentralization.

The estimated development time will be measured by the amount of features listed and also the proposal will be development-only. Maintenance and management of the web application as well as infrastructure will need to be provided by a different proposal.

The estimated time of development for a bare-bone workable application could be around 6-8 months with a budget of 1550 DASH. The team responsible to provide external features such as Dash specific features and integration will highly depend on the maturity of the projects.

The inclusion of alternative development for Tor and ZeroNet would also be an optional feature that can push the project due to the changes on development. For example ZeroNet is javascript based applications while Tor is a javascript-less environment for security reasons.
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