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Mar 14, 2017
Hello Dashers!

My name is Jeremy West. I founded and ran spendbitcoins from 2011-2015 (it was purchased by someone else in 2015 but they have just left it unchanged since that time).

I don't actually have a proposal yet. I simply love DASH, think it is a much better product than bitcoin, and want to work for DASH.

I'm here to ask for ideas on what kind of proposal I could make.

First, I'll give you an idea of what I have done, then, if anyone has any ideas, I will gladly tip anyone whose idea inspires me to create a proposal that is approved.

So, I am an American by birth but at 25 moved to Japan for two years and then have lived the last 13 1/2 years in Australia.

In 2011, I saw the potential of bitcoin but there was really nowhere to spend it. So I started which allowed people to spend their bitcoin at Amazon, NewEgg, & several other mostly US based etailers.

Sometime in 2012, Roger Ver asked me if I was just reselling those bitcoins on MtGox, which I was. He told me he was hearing from many Australians that it was difficult to buy bitcoin in Australia, so, I should set up a bitcoin exchange. I did, and although I have no way of knowing, I believe we were the largest exchange in Australia for a few years.

Unfortunately the banks chose for whatever reason (they refused to tell us why) to close our accounts so we had no way to accept payments in AUD and had to shut down. SpendBitcoins then became simply the largest directory worldwide of businesses that accept bitcoin, but this was not a profitable business so we sold it.

When Spend Bitcoins was in business we were renowned in the bitcoin world for our customer service. Our feedback can still be found by googling "spend bitcoins feedback".

I posted an idea on reddit whereby I would start a 24/7 customer service center for DASH like our renowned one at spendbitcoins, but I agree with some of the feedback there that this may not be needed for DASH yet. Or perhaps I just need to rethink how it would look.

Can anyone give me any ideas on how I would be valuable enough to DASH to get a proposal through and begin a DASH career? Thanks for your help!

Happy dashing!
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Apr 22, 2017
Hello Jeremy

I am a new user of the Dash forum.
I'm an investor, and I've been a Dash fanboy since end 2015, and until I read you I have not been encouraged to register. Now I want to get more involved in the 'Dash Nation' for my country. Spain.

Japan has adopted Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. And I suppose it extends to Dash (Cryptocurrencies)?

I think, as you have lived 2 years in Japan, and for your curriculum, you would be a good ambassador to lead proposals to sponsor Japanese events.

The events can be B2C and B2B, I am interested in the latter since I think that in my country (Spain) can be very beneficial for companies that export using Dash as payment method.

I hope your opinion helps. A hug. (Sorry for my English)