interviewed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Awards


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Jul 14, 2014
KH: In the first photos of you that appeared online, you had Tor and EFF stickers on your laptop. And a former NSA colleague said you used to wear the organization’s sweatshirt, with its parody of the NSA eagle clutching AT&T phone lines, to the office in Hawaii. Were you a member of the digital rights organization while working for the NSA?

Edward Snowden: I was a member. I should re-up when I have access to traditional payment mechanisms again one day.

KH: I believe EFF accepts Bitcoin.

Edward Snowden: I have to worry about even Bitcoin. Even if you tumble it, it’s a public ledger that can be traced back, so I’m skeptical about its use for someone in my situation.

I hope one day Snowden will test DASH in DarkSend mode and tell the world about his experience.
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