How to send 1000 dash from a specific address in the wallet?

Apr 24, 2017
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I am trying to set up a second masternode. Yes, after I made the first one I have to admit that it was good, and now I am trying to go further in my commitment with this crazy currency. Now to do this I need to send exactly 1000 dash to a certain address. This was easy the first time, because my wallet only had 1000 dash and little more. But now that it will have 1000 dash for the first masternode, and 1000 dash on a different address, when I send the 1000 dash I need to make sure they are sent from the right address.

I know I could set up a second account on my computer, set up a second wallet on that account, and send it from there. But since it it is possible to have multiple masternodes on the same wallet I presume it should be possible to solve this little problem :).

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Official Dash Dev
Dash Core Group
May 20, 2014
You can use Coin Control to temporary lock 1000 DASH to make sure they won't be spend.
Preferences -> Wallet -> Enable Coin Control

If you have masternode.conf with configuration for your first masternode (to verify this you can check "Masternodes" tab - you should see your masternode on "My masternodes" sub-tab), then these 1000 DASH should be locked automagically on wallet start. It's a good idea to check if it's true via Coin Control anyway though, at least the first time you are doing this ;)