How people view cash is really a cultural issue.


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Jul 12, 2015
I think it's simply because debit cards work while everything else is working. The moment monetary / political disaster strikes, people run to cash... if it's still being printed! This is exactly why crypto is so important, because there is a growing effort to eliminate cash entirely and thus force people to be spied upon and controlled (block bank accounts etc).

A few years ago, I had saved £10 in coins and went to the bank to deposit it. The cashiers refused to accept it because the rules stated a maximum coin deposit of just £1! In their view, counting cash just wasn't worth their while. They made me queue 10 TIMES to make 10 DEPOSITS. The fact that no one gave a shit and they revelled in my discomfort is everything I need to know why banks should be avoided.


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Jul 26, 2016
I live in Colombia. Cash is still king here. In cities, many businesses accept debit and credit cards. In small towns, almost nobody does. I just got my first credit card here. It took 8 weeks from the day I put in my application to the day they sent me the card. Dash would be a PERFECT FIT for Latin America. Everyone has a smart phone here and the paper currency is gross.


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May 9, 2014
Very few things say more about us than our expenditures... if any. In a cashless world there is no privacy.

Money laundering, terrorism and tax evasion are used to attack cash, but that is just absurd, most cash transactions are perfectly legit.

Dash is great because it can provide electronic payments, which are undoubtedly more convenient, without giving up privacy.
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