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Juan Baró

Apr 23, 2018
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Hi. am working in a comic about the crypto world but is a lot of work time and resources of my team, i need help to grow the idea and make it posible.

I know that this revolution is for the young people, my heroe was Goku, then other generation takes Naruto and other tha actual cartoons, now we can create conetion and atraction to the crypto world, is a fiml name CRYPTO coming

is a 3- 6 -9 yeas evolution to get involved the kids and young people because they gonna be the primary users of cryptocurrencyes and we can work even in vzla in the middle school, university for make more wallets using dashman to explain, i want to make a found for the future of the kids, a mother that can know how to buy and store dash safe for savings for the child, and with the actual inflation is the best moment.

am working about Satoshi nakamoto, Bitman and bitgirl for my compnay Bitcorp and my services, and promote other cripto friends , herocoins.

i have contact with childrends my sister works with them(shcolgarden teacher) and can make a teaching program , i talk with the kids and THE LEARN VERY FAST ABOUT BLOCKCHAIN , but is because i make draws for them but my personally am so bad ajajaj

ill show you later in the coments my super designs hahahah.. not with apples with blocks . jejej

imagine publicity and marketing in tv and internet about comics, memes etc.
one imagen says more than thousands words

if you want to see more details and dashman examples, i want feed back!

we need to focus in expand in all direction but the future is the kids and the future is the most important

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