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How do you suggest we reach mass adoption?

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Jul 22, 2016
First there was Jackalope


The Making of the Dash Mobile

and finally...

The Dash Mobile Debut

Our mission: Connect individuals who accept Crypto with the Dash Network and teach new users how to open a Dash wallet.

  1. Dash Mobile at "For the Community" in Houston Texas. Co-Hosted by Derrick Broze. The For the Community event, brings together Artists, Musicians, and Agorists. It is a giant two day event. The Dash Mobile has been invited to attend and educate. Houston is becoming a hub for our family, having been there twice already this year. With off grid projects, community gardens, and sailboats on the ocean, Houston offers a global reach. Therefore it is the perfect place to further mass adoption and to spread the knowledge of decentralization.
    Gas/Propane/Oil: 65 Dash
    Misc: 40 Dash
    Dash Mobile at event includes handing out literature, and educating people on how to open a Dash Wallet: 20 Dash
    Dash sponsored episode of Undocumented Human featuring the Dash Mobile at the For the Community Event: 25 Dash
    (videos released subsequently on
  2. Dash Sponsored Undocumented Human video special with Derrick Broze: 20 Dash
  3. Dash Sponsored Undocumented Human video special with Michael Fielding "Sailboat Diaries" : 20 Dash
  4. Dash sponsored Undocumented Human video special with Houston locals Chris and Renee Campbell: 20 Dash
    (Dash sponsorship mentioned with visual ad in both videos.)

    Digital Cash is the next step in human evolution. Creating free societies where individuals can exchange goods, services, and currencies without coercion of the state is already happening. Today, Agorist businesses can exist instantly without permission. This allows for a much quicker form of uncontrolled entrepreneurship. Spontaneous order emerges through the use of any alternative currency that is not fiat, including silver, gold, and even trade.

    I'm familiar with the paperclip story. Where it is proved we can manifest our own realities simply through trading. But we live in a big world. One where the transfer of wealth is expected to happen instantly in order acquire products or services. Dash provides this instant service.

    Dash offers individuals one of the greatest freedoms. Financial freedom. I see the Dash Network creating services people want. Dash's service providing instant transactions is very appealing and will naturally bring many Crypto users into the network. Many agorists will start using dash over the next year. Some awesome people are already dedicated to helping agorists decentralize their finances.

    Using Dash as a method of transferring wealth from peer to peer allows small decentralized communities all over the world, to purchase from each other. Focusing on individuals already working for themselves in the counter economy is key. Offering individuals an alternative to fiat as well as jobs paying Crypto, is important for freeing the next generation.
    Even now, you can shapeshift your voxels into dash to purchase things directly, it is only a matter of time before virtual worlds are funding real off grid decentralized communities. There are very unique ways of funding projects that currently exist. I see a future where virtual worlds end up fudning the creation of physical worlds. You can visit them through your VR headset or in reality by purchasing a ticket with the same currency used to create that world.

    The For the Community event is the perfect place to educate people about Dash, and what it offers the individual. If you send the Dash Mobile there, we will be able to infect the local community with information about Dash.


    Our website will add a page promoting this tour and sponsorship from the Dash Network, if passed.

    Thanks for your time.
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Apr 23, 2016
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Stupid poll. Why the "other" option is not available?
What my "other" is? How do I suggest dash reach mass adoption?

The Universal dividend..what else?
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