ENVELOP — is a cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with real value. Make your NFT valuable. Just protocol. No hype.

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Sep 11, 2021
What are the features of ENVELOP (NIFTSY)?

NFT markets within a single application. So, all the marketplaces that are connected to ENVELOP are available to work with them without having to constantly switch.

⚙ Creating and configuring your own NFT. Add tokens and cryptocurrencies, make a lock or liquidity pools, as well as a percentage of royalties, and later send the whole lot in a single piece

Cross-chain and tokenization. With the help of ENVELOP, you can turn any object, both physical and digital, as well as any financial assets into a token and trade them using a cross-chain.

Discover the price. The oracle will help you set the right going price for your NFT in case you have doubts about the price tag

⛏ Index monitors the market activity from different sources, providing an objective picture of the market in real time

❓ What are the use cases of the platform?

The creators set their own rules, including pools, collateral and royalties.
Holders receive a guarantee that their asset will grow in price.
Faster trades are provided for traders than on other platforms.
If you are a game developer, then the platform will also provide you with an opportunity for creativity.
The universe itself will be able to set up royalties. Users can create cases themselves, further expanding the metaverse.
The ability to receive royalties from wrapped NFTs and to sell NFTs at a higher price. New functionality for the users.
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