DASHTECAS NFL Meetup by Coachdigi


Jun 13, 2017
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Last month (July) Paola (my wife) and I saw the DASH FORCE Meetup & presentation program and we began planning our first DASH Meetup named Dashtecas Meetup in Cancun Mexico. We convinced a foodtruck park named "El DECK" to let us convince the foodtrucks that are in the foodtruck park.

1) We convinced WOKINGDEAD foodtruck to accept DASH,
We had 25 attendees and al received in their new wallet $10 USD in DASH so they could pay dinner 20170711_210753.jpg 20170719_202718.jpg

2) Another foodtruck "El RESIDENTE" was intrested about DASH, so we did DASHtecas Meetup #2
We had 23 attendees with $10 USD each.



3)DASHtecas Meetup #3 was in a restaurante named "SURF & TURF" (First establishment our of "El DECK")
we had $25 attendees with $10 USD


4) We returned to "El Dechk" in DASHtecas Meetup #4, this time in Mon-cheese
We had 30 attendees with $10 USD


Dashtecas NFL Meetup at el DECK by Caoch Digi

We want to continue Dashtecas Meetup at "El Deck" so we can finish convincing the 10 more foodtrucks that are in the DECK to acept DASH as daily payment.

In september NFL (National Football League) season begins and every sunday "El Deck" will have a big screen so all the attendees can watch the NFL football games, so we want to to the DASHTecas meetup every Sunday from september 10 to december 17 (15 total meetups).

Big advertisment
We also want a big advertisment of DASHTECAS Meetup & that DASH is acepted in the DECK.


Total Budget: 128 DASHES in 3 payments (62 + 30 +36)
6 Dashes x 15 meetup = 90 Dashes
7 Dashes x 4 months for the Spectacular Add (September-December) = 28 DASHES
Dash branding = 5 DaSHES
Proprousal Fee 5 DASHES

DASHtecas Meetup
  • Every sunday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • We are excpecting more than 40 attendes in each Dashtecas Meetup.
  • The establishment that accepts DASH will have a special DASH meal
  • The attendes will pay the DAHTECAS crew with FIAT the price of the meal.
  • We will give them the same amount of Mexian pesos in DASH and a sales baucher
  • The attendees will pay only the 50% of the meal with DASH and they will keep the other 50% in their wallets.
  • At the end of the meetup, DASHTECAS crew will pay the other 50% in FIAT.
  • The establishment will have 50% in fiat and 50 % in DASH
  • Most of the estabishement needs liquidity for buying the next day suplies, so if the establishment want, Dashtecas crew can buy them 25% more of their DASH, so if they want they can have 75% in Fiat and 25% in DASH.
  • The remaining 25% will be for the DASHTECAS crew.
  • Dasthecas crew will help the attendees to download the wallet, receive DASH and pay with DASH, while they explain what is DASH.
  • Every attende that pays with DASH will participate in a Football Sports pool (they will choose who wins in the sunday and monday night Football game) the weekly winner will receive 1 DASH as price.
Calendar and payments
Total= 128 DASHES in 3 payments

September 5: 62 DASHES
4 months spectacular add = 28 DASHES
Dash branding around the big screen and the tables = 5 DASHES
propousal fees = 5 DASHES

October 5: 30 DASHES

November - December : 36 DASHES



With DASHTECAS Meetups
  • We will convince the remaining 10 foodtrucks to accept DASH.
  • Every sunday at least 40 people will understand more what is DASH in a easy, funny way, while they eat and see their favorite sports games (NFL), maybe they won´t know what is a blockchain, but they will know what is DASH (Digiatl CASH), how to receive DASH and how to pay DASH. This is very important becouse we have to position DASH as the #1 Digital Cash currency and Bitcoin Cash is getting stronger, so we have to continue fighting for the #1 spot in Digital Cash currency
  • We will invite them to join our social media networks like DASHespañol, DASH Force News, DASHTECAS, Bitcunners, etc
Spectacular add.
  • The add will be placed in one of the most important avenues in Cancun (more than 100,000 cars see the add every day), that's why only COCOBONGO can pay for the add
Next year
  • We want to educate people in using DASH as daily payment so we can begin our Dash ecosystem.
  • Next year propousal at "El Deck" will be a Dash ATM, just bought some D3 antminers, ( will arrive in late november) and that´s a great way to sell my mined DASH to de people.



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Jan 4, 2016
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Looks great, we need to get more visibility in the city, this will bring much more people to learn about digital currency 'in the real world'.