dashchat.co - the #dashpay freenode IRC portal




This is a web IRC client that will take you to the #dashpay channel on Freenode IRC. It's very user friendly in the hopes of bringing some of the less tech savy community members into the discussion.

The main chat is #dashpay but I also added a secondary chat room #dashchat to limit intimidation factor for newer people (I still find it hard to join the discussion even as an established member).

I added a section below the chat box listing the dash price @dashpay twitter feed. I'll be adding a dash news section shortly. Any suggestions welcome.

I'm using an opensource web irc project called http://shout-irc.com/

Note: This is not an attempt to create a new community in any way. I am utilizing an already existing chat room and making it easier for people to get in there.


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Apr 9, 2014
Love it , this makes IRC so much more exciting and visually nice !!
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