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Dash sponsorship on CryptoBazar in Dubai (2000+ audience)

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by dmitriybtc, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. dmitriybtc

    dmitriybtc Active Member

    Mar 11, 2017
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    Dash sponsorship for Dubai conference.

    1) In short: Dash as a sponsor on InvestBazar conference in Dubai with an exposure of 500 potential investors.

    Here's a link for the conference: http://investbazardubai.com/

    2) About InvestBazar.

    InvestBazar is an investment fund that helps to connect great projects with investors. It has 4 years of experience in helping to raise money for various types of projects, including blockchain related projects. In several years they developed a database of more than 3,500 investors that are willing and ready to fund interesting projects.

    3) Background of this sponsorship.

    Just a few days ago I (Dmitriy Baimuratov) was a keynote speaker for Coinference in St Petersburg where I talked more about Dash scalability and its upcoming Dash Evolution.

    There I've met guys from InvestBazar that offered me to come to the their events in Moscow and Dubai in order to present our integration of paying with Dash in the restaurants.

    Later we came up with an idea that Dash can become a sponsor on Dubai conference which can be a significant benefit for increasing awareness of Dash in one of the most important regions in the globe.

    Recently Dubai allowed people to buy real estate with Bitcoin so I believe investors might be really curious about more solid and usable cryptocurrencies.

    4) What it makes for Dash.

    Such type of conference implies that there will be a lot of valuable people that can expand Dash community in Dubai specifically. We can even come up with some strategic partnerships and create new projects based on Dash.

    Knowing the fact that we'll be focusing on upcoming Dash Evolution, we can even find some investors (or even VCs) that will be interested in helping to bring this product to the masses.

    5) A sponsorship package includes:
    • Exhibition space 3x1m
    • Logo on event website (including hyperlink to your website)
    • Logo on the Main Stage banner
    • Announcement of a partner to the full audience on main stage (1000+ participants) and to the online audience (2000+ participants)
    • Full branding and logo on programm and conference agenda
    • 2 complimentary client invites to the conference
    • Facebook post handle for sponsor
    • 50 words company profile and logo in the event guide
    More info on: http://investbazardubai.com/partner

    6) Costs:
    - sponsorship package: $2300
    - transfer costs: $700
    - Dash materials (stand, roll up etc.): $300
    - total: $3300 or 11 Dash.

    7) About me.

    My name is Dmitriy Baimuratov.

    I am a regular contributor to the Dash project.
    You can learn some more info about me on me personal page (http://dmitriybtc.com).

    Together with Cryptogroup we accomplished series of projects related to Dash and crypto:
    - Launched daily news source on cryptocurrencies – https://fork.land/ (November 2016)
    - Launched a Ukrainian DASH community website – https://dash.com.ua/ (January 2017).
    - Launched an exchange – https://fork.sale/ (since March 2017)
    - Held Dash/blockchain-related conferences (blockchaintalks.com.ua)
    - Launched a video blog (Dash.com.ua) on cryptocurrency with 6 episodes published so far (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChCnX1tdvZJ5oKOr8H7xXg)
    - Developed a solution for Dash and Bitcoin integration into retail business in Ukraine
    - presented Dash on various conferences: Kuna Stakeholders Conference, Bitcoin Talks Ukraine, Coinference, Blockchain Conference Kiev
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  2. Dashmaximalist

    Dashmaximalist Active Member

    Mar 16, 2017
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    awesome stuff , happy to support you

    if there is one place that are really are futuristic investors thats dubai , dubai will soon be a big player in crypto as there are very few restrictions on fintech

    dubai is also very keen on blockchain tech

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