Dash.red Pre-Proposal

How would you vote to continue funding for Dash.red?

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    Votes: 6 85.7%
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Jul 26, 2016
Amount requested: 55 Dash per month, 4 months (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov)
Dash.red team members: Edward Stoever, Paula Stoever
This proposal requests four months of continued support.
Our mission:
  • Promoting Dash to people in Latin America by giving Dash in small quantities to thousands of people every day through our smart-gaming-faucet.
  • Supporting Dash community projects by traveling to meet and work with other proposal owners, masternode owners, and community members to foster ideas and build the Dash ecosystem.
Important links:
Recent Performance and accomplishments since our last proposal:
  • Over 9000 video verified accounts on the website, paying out an average of 3200 times per day. Dash.red transactions represent between 10% and 30% of all transactions on the Dash blockchain measured by day.
  • Over 414,000 transactions completed on the Dash blockchain.
  • Dash.red certificates: a hand-out for events that allows immediate payout from the website
  • Promo-Games: Games played through YouTube videos that allow a player to guess on the results of a card game, or dice throw, or similar game. Game play and payouts are done through the website Dash.red. 25 Promo Games have been completed since we started March 20th. Typically, a YouTube promo game will get well over 2500 views in 3 days of game play
  • Meetups in Medellin and Ciudad Bolivar
  • We visited Dash Argentina in Rio Tercero, and documented their work on YouTube and Twitter.
  • Attended CriptoLatinFest in Bogota
Unplanned expenses that will be covered in this proposal:
  • A laptop owned by Rodrigo Digital was stolen. We sent 10 Dash to help pay for a replacement. We hope this proposal will be funded to help us recover that cost.
  • We funded Mireya and Gianpaolo's stand at Bitcoin Summer Fest in Medellin for 10 Dash. With such a tight budget, we didn't want them to risk getting voted down which is why their pre-proposal didn't proceed to typical voting.
What will be included by Dash.red in this new round of funding:
  • Educa-Games. A new game idea! People will be presented with an educational video and be rewarded for showing their Dash knowledge.
  • We will attend Blockchain summit in Uruguay (https://blockchainsummit.uy/) if the following conditions are met 1) the upcoming proposal by the Latin America team to attend this event and promote Dash passes 2) Dash stays above $200USD
  • Special Promo-game videos with Paula to celebrate Halloween
  • Continued promotion and support of the Dash community in Latin America
  • Continued growth of transactions on the Dash blockchain through our website.


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Mar 4, 2018
Dash Address
Hello my friend!

And easy yes from me. You and Paula are doing an excellent job with Dash.red. I am really impressed with the results you have achieved. We thank you for your support in the Cripto Latin Fest and for believing in us and supporting us with 10 Dash to take Dash to the Bitcion Summer Fest (Colombia, Medellin).

On the other hand, I think the idea of including Dash educational games is excellent. See you soon.

Best regards.


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Jul 31, 2015
While I would vote for this, with the market being the way it is right now I would advise not to roll in unrelated expenses/projects, and also not to expand in any way right now that would increase costs over what you are doing already. I think the budget is likely to be even more over-requested next month than it already was this month, so I think slowing down or pausing growth in many projects is a good idea.


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Jul 26, 2016
Thank you @TroyDASH - It is something I am thinking about too. Until Dash goes back up to $300 or more, the budget will continue to be really tight.


Mar 16, 2017
Good man. Good plan.

There is so much that gets done by little things that add up.