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Dash Nigeria redesigned: BizDev first approach.

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Nathaniel Luz, Oct 4, 2018.

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    Table of Content
    1. Executive Summary

    2. Rebranding Statement

    3. Dash Nigeria Vision and Strategy

    4. Prior Work

    5. Proposal Scope November

    6. Budget Breakdown

    7. Dash Nigeria Roadmap
    Executive Summary
    To prevent further confusion about the different proposals in Africa we have rebranded and redesigned our organisation as Dash Nigeria: Business and Merchant integration.

    We’re committed to continue our track record of spreading Dash in Nigeria by continuing our onboarding businesses and merchants into the Dash ecosystem.

    Our KPIs include the integration of Dash into 4 major players in the nigerian cryptocurrency, payments or business solution space. Depending on which leads we close first these can potentially also include large scale B2C retailers or service providers.

    As roadblocks concerning POS solutions and exchange infrastructure have been resolved we will also sign up 40 small everyday merchants in Nigeria monthly. We will offer continued merchant support.

    Our team will be expanded to 9 persons with a total requested budget of 51 Dash monthly for two months.

    Rebranding Statement
    Historically there has been some confusion regarding the different activities of numerous proposals targeting Africa. Therefore we reworked out approach towards adoption in Nigeria and decided to rebrand our organisation as Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration. For more information please visit our new website.

    Going forward there will be two Dash organisations in Nigeria: Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration and Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions headed by community member Juwon123.

    Similar how Dash funded projects operate in Venezuela we will closely collaborate but apply for financial ressources separately. This ensures the DAO has fine granularity in the decision making progress on the path to Dash adoption in Nigeria.

    There are other projects operating in africa not to be confused with Dash Nigeria: Business and Merchant integration; namely:

    • DashHubAfrica by Ultimatecrypto

    • Dash Business Massive Adoption in Ghana, West Africa by Zambang

    • Slam Dunk with Dash in Morocco! by Zakaria Ab

    • Team Morocco For Dash School In Arabic And Local Promotion by Salimes

    • Dash Roadshow by Cryptolib

    • Kuvacash by kuvateam

    • There are also activities by other Ghanaians like; George Pro, Cryptoris, Lukman, Sahabia, Issahabu, Dash Governor

    Even though we aim to collaborate with these projects if there is opportunity for constructive cooperation we’re an independent project following our own strategy. We’ll work closely with DashWatch to ensure no future confusion arises about the areas of responsibility of our independent proposals.

    This rebrand/ restructuring has being made possible by the guidance and oversight of Quansen.

    Dash Nigeria Vision and Strategy
    We are out to make Dash the mainstream cryptocurrency in Nigeria, enhancing economic growth and improving living standards of its citizens through Dash. We are committed to promoting the adoption and use of Dash in attaining economic freedom in Nigeria.

    Our strategy is double-edged: Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration headed by Nathaniel Luz and Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions headed by community member Juwon123.

    Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration:

    My team will integrate Dash into major Blockchain/Cryptocurrency platforms and work towards merchant adoption of Dash in Nigeria.

    Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions:

    This team will work to overcome roadblocks for Dash adoption and develop utility-based softwares for Dash, such as the DashCart and AltSavings designed for the needs of nigerian Dash users. This proposal does not fund the team Dash Nigeria: Software solutions.

    We will design and roll out a user focused adoption strategy at a later stage after we have built sufficient Dash acquiring and spending infrastructure in Nigeria(TBA).

    Prior Work
    Since 2017 I have worked tirelessly to spread Dash in Nigeria. Starting from near zero adoption, today there are numerous services integrated with Dash. Because there has been confusion about actual deliverables I decided to list some important integrations I personally initiated:

    • Satowallet.com: Multinational, multicurrency exchange now offering a DASH/NGN trading pair.

    • Coindirect.com: Broker/Exchange now offering DASH/NGN conversion.

    • Truexgold.com: Broker enabling DAHS/NGN conversion.

    • Gredoe-currency.com: Offering OTC trading of Dash

    • Coindirect.com: Exchange/P2P exchange which recently integrated into the Dash ecosystem. Supports 24 fiat currencies including NGN.

    • WegoEx: Popular offline currency exchange in Nigeria. Now offers Dash/Cash exchange services. It operates face to face exchange services all over the county. WegoEx is operated by nigeriabitcoinexchange.com, more information in the proposal scope section below.

    Other non business development related achievements include:

    • 4000 wallet downloads.

    • In depth Dash education of 250+ persons in our dashafrica.org ambassador program.

    • Nigeria is consistently the country with the most use of Dash paid services on bitrefill.

    • Numerous meetups, conference attendances and other educational activities.

    I have achieved these and others. I am confident to have achieved an appropriate ROI on my previous proposals and will continue my track record of bringing Dash to Nigeria.

    Proposal Scope November - December 2018
    We commit to deliver 4 large integrations each for Dash in the months of November and December. Our current publishable leads are as follows:

    Exchange to offer a DASH/NGN pair. Also offers Dash backed loans.

    Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange currently in the process of listing Dash based on the increasing usage of Dash in Nigeria.

    Holding of prominent cryptocurrency businesses in Nigeria. We have integrated Dash into their WegoEx offering and are currently working with them to list Dash on their 3 other platforms.

    Similar to bitnovo.com Yellowcard is positioned to facilitate easy user onboarding of new users to cryptocurrency. They are selling vouchers of small denominations in retail shops in Nigeria without even needing a bank account. They will expand to numerous countries in Africa, Middle East and the US in the immediate future. Such service is a crucial prerequisite for widespread Dash adoption to happen in Africa.

    Delivering on one of the most discussed use cases for cryptocurrencies Bitpesa enables remittances into Africa using Bitcoin since early 2014. We have the chance to redirect this traffic through the Dash network by integrating Dash into their platform. Because of their numerous connections inside and outside Africa this integration can potentially be leveraged to pursue more integrations. BitPesa is probably the most used remittance solution based on cryptocurrency.

    Ridesharing unicorn based in Estonia, Europe delivering Uber like services in mainly Europe and Africa. Interested in integrating Dash and features of the upcoming Evolution platform.

    We are in talks with other businesses as well however we don’t want to overpromise. The above examples have to suffice as an overview of where we’re headed.

    Furthermore we plan to onboard 40 merchants monthly in Nigeria. Up until recently we didn’t have working POS solutions with Nigerian Naira support and a lack of currency liquidation options. Most merchants in Nigeria are not ready to take the volatility risk of Dash.

    As both SparkPOS and AnypayPOS now have Naira denomination support and the exchange problem has been solved we’re ready to sign up everyday merchants.

    Note: 40 seems to be an unimpressive number, however is in line with the success stories of Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Columbia.

    We will equip all new merchants with everything they need to start accepting Dash, e.g. “Dash accepted here” stickers. We will be accessible for questions and will check back with them once per month for the foreseeable future to address potential doubts.

    Moreover we will round each month up with an educational seminar for our merchants where we can address common questions, give more in depth insights into Dash, foster network effect between merchants and potentially receive new integration leads.

    Furthermore we will undertake PR efforts to promote Dash, our services and Dash usage on our affiliated partners.

    We will also produce freely accessible Nigeria specific (video) material discussing Dash’s advantages, Dash acceptance for merchants and businesses, volatility management and related topics published on dashnigeria.com and other prominent channels such as Youtube.

    Budget Breakdown
    Total: 51 Dash for 2 months

    See detailed budget here:


    Dash Nigeria Roadmap

    Businesses and Merchants integration

    November 2018

    • Staff employment

    • Enlist 40 merchants

    • Release 4 integrations

    • Educational seminar for merchants

    • Press coverage

    • Video reports

    December 2018

    • Enlist over 40 merchants

    • Release over 4 integrations

    • Educational seminar for merchants

    • Press coverage

    • Video Documentary


    • Office setup

    • Dash-Fiat Instant Exchange

    • Expand team based on demand

    • Scale up PR work

    • Roll out consumer focussed strategy(TBA)
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    Excellent. I think everyone will benefit from additional clarity of who is doing what in Africa.
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    So i think that Masternode will support this proposal and i strongly suport it, Nathaniel is an active member in the community and i bet that he is doing a good work in Nigeria for the dash adoption. Good luck
  4. Nathaniel Luz

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    Thanks for your comment.
  5. Nathaniel Luz

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    Aug 22, 2017
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    Thanks bro. I appreciate your support.