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Mar 21, 2017
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. Proposal Scope

The team want to promote dash in the country with using these activities:

  • Due to the Covid19 people can't go out, So we will use social Media to make our meetup this time.
  • Campaign to create awareness about Dash on Social media
  • Creation of a network of Dash users in the country, We have 10 States in the country we will recruit 1 person in each state to be in our Dash Team and they will also be a Dash ambassador in his state. And we will give them tools to work as an Agent for Dash promotion
  • Dash campaign to recruit merchants to accept Dash as a method of payment.
  • Recruit 6 International Agent in Brazil, USA, France, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic for helping Haitian people in these countries and cover our activities to help people remittance Dash in Haiti
  • We will also make new videos about technical tips on how to install a wallet, how to buy and spend Dash.
  • Upgrade our Website and make it more attractive
  • Partner with some Haitian influencer to promote Dash
Please vote for us.

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Jan 4, 2016
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I recommend to take a course in your local university on budgeting and/or accounting to learn how to better draft these proposals as I see the budget breakdown very poor and elemental. I recommend to invest in yourself and be more professional to present these proposals making real estimates backed up by provable data. Maybe including third party data sources to explain what is achievable. I would also maybe try to link up with real companies or organizations in Haiti that can provide an easy to make backup of the initative.

Here is an example:
- School for IT and Entpreneurship
- Sponsored by UNESCO and UNDP
- Sponsored by Haitian ministry for education
- University of Haiti
- Google

Summer classes for kids 8-14 5 days a week.
- Will learn about computers and GNU/Linux
- Word processing and spreadsheet and presentation software
- Digital art and Music
- Ideas development for business
- Money management using cryptocurrency
- Basic english classes
- Internet security and management

Will benefit 100 kids in 3 month program in Haiti summer of 2020. Will have kids learn the basics of blockchain and exchange dash for candy. Learn about the basics of budgeting and forecasting usin technology. Learn basics about financial markets and digital assets.

The classes would be recorded for future projects and would also give samples of the development. If succesful we could replicate the program on other cities around Haiti.

This is an example of a proposal that would generate a social good, as well as a result to the partners like Dash and/or google as well as be verifiable by third party organizations like Google or the UN. These proposal would be prove that it wont be a waste of money and that some real goals are going to be met, and that is not only DASH budgeting the whole initiative.
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