DASH features are amazing --- no more new ones please


May 16, 2015
Costa Rica
Masternodes is just plain brilliant. The single best idea DASH has going for it. The incentive to form MN's and the with them solving the governance issue makes me know without a doubt masternodes or something like them is the future for crypto. We also have Dark Send and evolution and instant send.

The time is now to focus on those features and not develop any new ones. I love Evan and the man is brilliant (although not a great presenter). Unless we develop these so they work well and find real world solutions for them they will wither and die. We need to work on these and make a statement the new features and done and work on existing features is now the focus.

I would be interested in comments but our reach is super small. Bitcoin is 240x of what we are. The original feature DarkSend still doesn't work well. We need to limit our focus and do what we say we will do well.
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Jun 21, 2014
Darksend is slow, but AFAIK it works just fine =)