Dash Core & Platform Team Sprint Reviews


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Aug 6, 2014
I seem to overlook this thread easily somehow. Which is why i started to link to the last few YouTube video's in another thread of mine in the General Discussion section. I wonder if it is related to the title of this thread 'Dash Platform Team Sprint Reviews' while the name of these YouTube video's have changed to
Dash Platform & Core Development Update.

Maybe we could change the name of this thread to 'Dash Platform & Core Development Updates' ?
I will stop posting in my own thread, as that seems unnecessary with this thread already existing.

Anyways, I noticed a few things during this Dash Platform & Core update 2023 February 21 :
  • No reference to the newly updated Dash Roadmap by Sam at all, and a very vague reply from Sam on the 'Wen Evo' question by a Dash community member. Sam really should have pointed to the newly updated Dash Roadmap (https://www.dash.org/roadmap/) and the mentioned roll out of Dash Platform there, that is suppose to happen in June 2023. By not doing that, he casts doubt on the newly updated Dash Roadmap itself, not a good sign
  • Some Dash Platform teams seem to be more interested in polishing, then finishing their tasks. A diminishing sense of urgency to release Dash Platform to Testnet ASAP, seems to be creeping in (at least it looks that way from the outside)
  • Still no Platform team (or Sam himself) completely done with their tasks and now free to help other Platform teams ?
  • The Dash Core team seems to be working in accordance with the newly updated Dash Roadmap and is planning the release of Dash Core v19 and v20 accordingly. Problem is that after v19 release to Dash Mainnet, the Dash Core team will become highly dependent on the progress of the Platform teams (Dash Core v20 & Dash Platform release to Mainnet happen simultaneously in June 2023)
All in all i think there needs to be a clear signal from the Platform teams that they indeed plan to work according the Dash Roadmap schedule, and the included ETA's there (Dash Platform on Testnet with RC1 in May 2023 & Dash Platform release to Mainnet in June 2023).

The signals we are getting from the Dash Core team are much more clear in that regard, with a set targetdate end of march 2023 for Dash Core v19 in accordance with the Dash Roadmap (Q1-2023) and a strictly defined and mostly already coded / less work to code Dash Core v20.

With regards to my questions about Dashmate : Thanks for clarifying the Platform Github issues at play here (issues mostly related to the developers local network usage, and not so much related to Dashmate as a tool for setting up HPMN's). Good to hear that last part runs stable and will run even more stable in the nearby future.

With regards to the configuration of Dashmate : I have my dashd's setup as a system service (systemd) and control my masternodes through systemctl commands. So i was wondering if i could install the Platform Sidechain and its Platform services through Dashmate (docker / container) and keep the Dash Mainchain as is, controlled by systemd.

I am getting the sense that for HPMN's both the Dash Mainchain and the Dash Platform sidechain and its Platform services need to be in a Docker environment. Which means HPMN's will need to be setup from scratch through Docker format and it will not be a simple update for MNO's (unless they already use Docker for their masternodes).
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