Dash Community Weekly Task #1: Introduce Dash to someone


Feb 5, 2021
Hi everyone,

This is the first post of Dash Community Weekly Tasks. This effort aims to address this issue by introducing weekly small tasks that everyone in the Dash community can contribute. This allows us to have a coordinated approach in leveraging the Dash community potential for addressing some of Dash major issues. Please share these tasks in order to increase the community participation. This is just the start and the process will be improved with your feedback.

* How does it work?
- A simple task is selected (from this list and anyone can contribute ideas) and the community is informed about it on Forum/Reddit/Discord/Twitter/etc.
- People commit with their likes. They can also comment, provide suggestions or report back after finishing the task, which will be cool.

Task #1
Introduce Dash to someone (preferably someone you know, has some crypto interest/curiosity, and in person) and explain why Dash is great, unique in many ways and has an exciting future as a popular "means of exchange/store of value". Maybe even show them the app and explain how they can save money if they use Dash in some of their daily transactions.

This task aims to help this issue.

There are already a lot of existing good material on the web, including recent 4 Dash videos, that you can use in your conversation.
DASH = BTC + cheap/fast/scalable transactions + adaptability/improvement over time powered by DAO (+ improved usability by DashPay)

Dash Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/dashpay/comments/ltsifq
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