Dash Bus Blake & Direct Youtuber Outreach


Dec 20, 2017
Blake Chamness also know as 'Dash Bus Blake' and 'Blake X' has recently asked on Discord how he can serve Dash better.

Blake has been a long term Dash Advocate for over a year now, he's not been financially motivated and has asked for basic amounts in order to help Dash succeed. He's been a dash maximalist through and through, advocating Dash to anyone be it on Discord or otherwise. He drove his bus all over for Dash, bought @AgnewPickens book, sold motorbikes for Dash and has invested what he can in Dash.

He's also performed outreach services for Dash without asking for anything in return, winning Dash coverage like this:

Blake has recently put in a proposal with a very modest budget to do this same outreach but with more time dedicated to it and more targeted approach, which you can see on Dash Boost here:
https://www.dashboost.org/proposals/view/59/Dash Expansion Through Youtube Content Creators and Steem

This kind of targeted outreach can have a lot of impact, and there is no harm in him offering a small token of gratitude (we're talking 0.5 Dash per content creator) in order to receive coverage. He's not paying for bias as this is a tiny amount but for a lot of content creators this will be really appreciated and help them to cover their costs.

If you believe in this proposal then please vote for it, even if you think other's are more deserving this cycle there is no way he should be on -5800 - Dash should look after its own and Blake certainly is!

Cheers for reading and for what its worth, my team actually have a competing proposal in this cycle, so this is the opposite of a conflict of interest!

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Mar 16, 2017
Appreciate you making this dude. Thanks so much.

I am debating to just keep on making videos with content creators and building up the views.

I got a message from one of the content creators I worked with-Blue Collar Crypto-who said, "I see the proposal didn't pass. I still had fun making it and reach out again if you ever want to do something."

I told him thanks for undoubtedly winning over quite a few people to Dash. He said even himself was truly won over. Which ties into how I preface all communication with people...

"If you lay out all the facts and achievements Dash has going for it one cannot ignore it. Which begs the question-why isn't Dash being covered more?"

Blue Collar Crypto is exactly the type of stand up guy I look for...the other two content creators (The Crypto Lark and Crypto Cowboys) were just as nice and professional Everyone did great and we almost got 10,000 views.

And the videos aren't just a "Dash is cool" or "Buy Dash"...they cover the following

-Instant Send, Treasury, Governance
-Arizona State University Partnership and Research
-Venezuela Conferences
-Refute the INSTAMINE claims with stats

Every video was really just what I would want for the crypto-crowd to see.

Anyway, I'll keep pushing on. I'm going for more.

Thanks so much Ash. I'm going to watch your 3 amigos podcast today. Catch up on things.

Blake Chamness