Dash: A Better Money for A Better Future (Whitepaper)

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Jul 15, 2014
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As promised, here is the whitepaper for a potential Dash marketing campaign tagline and slogan. It features analysis into Dash's strengths and weaknesses, and how we can take the two and turn it into a powerful message and community strategy to promote Dash, not just from a capital investment standpoint, but also from a human investment standpoint.

I look forward to the communities input on this before any potential next steps around this campaign.




Christopher Carruthers (Tao Of Satoshi)


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Sep 19, 2014
Swagger requires balls. You have none. You've gone as far into left-fringe SJW silliness as you can get. Maximum sackless soy.

Swagger, manliness, boldness, edgy, taking it a bit too far and standing by it, testosterone, balls, "toxic masculinity."

You have done your best to purge this, and you're surprised it's gone?

I've been pointing out the impossible, self-destructive, self-opposing dichotomies in DASH's purpose and goals for years.

How can you be a bunch of Politically Correct bleeding-edge communist woketism enthusiasts, and BE money?

When you strive to be a sissy, you end up being a sissy.

[shocked pikachu face]

The best tagline so far was "DASH: Cryptocurrency for grown-ups."

But, simple, and subtle as that was, that was still considered too much even at a time when soy levels were much lower...

You worked very hard to cut off your own balls, then you pretend to be surprised that you have no balls? Who can take this seriously? Certainly not grown-ups...

You absolutely defaced yourselves. It was a deliberate act. Even as you suffer the consequences of being extreme woketards, you still think the problem is that you're not being woketarded enough...

I really don't think you're lying when you portray yourselves as Libertarian. You're so indoctrinated and brainwashed you actually believe it, even though you're actually a bunch of woketard commies. The cognitive dissonance is blaring like an air raid siren...

Why would any business adopt money that wants to destroy all business, run by people who think that profit is an unforgivable sin? You're the sworn, outspoken enemy of the very people whom you lament your own inability to woo. And you act confused about it. Like you don't know what to do. Like there's some secret, unknowable voodoo about it... The only problem is your own absurd politics, which you inject into everything you do, while denying that you are doing it. I think you're so indoctrinated and brainwashed that you don't even realize you're doing it. You've lived the woketard nonsense so long, you think its normal and that I'm the weirdo for pointing it out. You claim I'm the one injecting politics simply for pointing out the fact that you're doing it... It's become like breathing for you. You don't even think about it, so you deny that it's happening. Like fish denying the existence of water...

You're basically the Antifa of Cryptocurrency. Which is an antithetical oxymoron. How long do you think wet fire will last? Where's the market for the waterproof hair dryer? Maybe we need more screen doors on submarines?

Your attitude is the complete opposite of your own stated purpose.

I'm with you on the idea that DASH needs to get it's act together and stop being directionless tech masturbation. I've been saying this for years... I'll say that your idea for a tagline suffers from some of the very problems you called out.

Swagger doesn't come from inventing a cool tagline. It has to accurately describe your identity and intent. You need to fix the internal problems before you lob this cold, wet "corporate synergy" turd... This is a lame, bland tagline, and it perfectly exemplifies how lame DASH is.

"DASH: Cryptocurrency for grown-ups" was great, at the time. Its still great in concet, but it isn't believable. If you tried it now if would fall flat, not because it's bad, but because DASH is bad. Painting stripes on a cat and calling it a tiger fools nobody.

If you want to be the crypto with balls, you'll actually have to have balls, not just try to invent a fake image that you have balls. This lame tagline you came up with is a perfect example of a clueless woke nerd trying to be something he's not. But, it's also the perfect DASH tagline, because that's exactly what DASH is...

You can't just "identify as" a badass. It doesn't work that way. Nobody who actually is a badass would ever call himself one. Like "smart car." Hurr durr, it's the dumbest car ever and it stinks of "trying too hard." Thou doth protest too much.

I would suggest that DASH needs to grow a pair. Rediscover some of that "toxic masculinity" that you've lost. Then revisit the idea. Branding and image are the least of your troubles, and no matter what improvements you try to make to your branding and image, if you don't improve the actual substance of what you are, it'll fall flat no matter how good it is; because it'll be an obvious "wallpapering over the termites" game.

"DASH: Cryptocurrency for grown-ups" tells the reader that this is different, and the lackluster derps you've heard of before are child's toys. It does so with simple, understated confidence, and without the desperate need to name any names or make direct attacks. It simply identifies with what the reader already inherently knows most of Cryptocurrency is all about; bullsh!t. We all know it. We want something we can take seriously. Skepticism is to be expected, and we don't try to go over the top convincing anybody. It casts a smirk on sh!tcoins, without dwelling or needing to put them down. It does so by simply acknowledging what most adults already know, that sh!tcoins aren't to be taken seriously by adults. Here's DASH, we claim otherwise, go find out; our substance will speak the rest.

But, since you're currently a bunch of SJW snowflake children, you can't really use it and actually get away with it. Because you've been acting like stupid brats for years...

The problem is not merely that you have a bad image. It's that this bad image is very much deserved... Since this offends your precious fee fees, there won't be any discussion about it... So, I have no idea how you're going to fix it. You simply refuse to confront your own lack of testicular fortitude, while complaining about your own lack of testicular fortitude...

The first step is admitting you have the problem. You've done half of that. You admitted that there is a problem. But, you haven't owned it yet. You haven't admitted that it's YOUR problem. Your problem is that you have no balls. You cut off your own balls in a retarded left-wing quest to purge your own balls. You succeeded. It was a stupid and self-destructive thing to do. So, here you are, with no balls.

I admit I'm at a loss for advice here. I've never had to regrow my own balls before... I have never been in that situation. While snowflakes like you might try to attack and call that a humble brag, this only spotlights the problem... Is it really bragging to say "Uh, I never cut off my own balls." C'mon you pansies... Say it out loud and see how stupid that sounds. "You're just bragging about having never castrated yourself." You have become so juvenile and absurd, that you call this an argument... This is why you can't use "DASH: Cryptocurrency for grown-ups." It's no longer a true statement.

A major part of my unhinged rantings of the past few years has been the desperate attempt to prevent you from making unfixable mistakes. You're going down a road from which there is no return. How do you regrow balls? Is that even possible? I don't know how to do it... I can't help you. I tried to stop you from ending up in this predicament, but you wouldn't listen. I'll skip the toljaso. It's just an explanation. I don't know what to suggest at this point. You're basically experiencing Transition Regret... Sorry trans-dudes, but once you've cut off the twig and berries, well, there's no going back... I have no idea how to fix this, which is why I tried so hard to stop you from doing it.

I would suggest that we should treat this problem like a logical fallacy. You can't fix it because its untrue. So, forget it and walk away. No, don't give up. Don't scrap DASH. That's not what I said, you idiot.

The fundamental problem of Crytocurrency still exists. It's not real-word usable. You still have InstantSend and ChainLocks. Use them. ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! F*ck of with this beta simp "muh image" crap, and take action. Like a man. With balls. What you lack are users. Not investors. Not fanboys. Not developers. Users.

Tell me. How do I log into a system, using my username and password, if the system does not exist?

Create the image of being Cryptocurrency for grown-ups, by actually getting used to buy stuff by grown-ups. Your continued refusal to do this guarantees your failure. Cut the infinite coding of cool, complicated sh!t that doesn't matter and no one understands, and focus all resources on getting an instant-cash-out DASH-branded payment system supported by Coinbase or Kraken. You have the relationship. You have the coders. You're getting paid. You've backstabbed everyone else who tried so that you could have the glory, so there's nobody left but you. It's your responsibility, don't complain because you made it that way. DO IT. Make it happen. You can't gain users if there's nothing to use. Do Kraken and Coinbase worry about the security of the TXes because they're brainwashed with the failures of sh!tcoins? Underwrite it. guarantee all TXes. Own it. If what you've created works, put your money where your mouth is. Put up or shut up. Grow a pair you pansies!

I've mentioned before that you need an "inside support" person at NCR. This is the sort of coder you need at Coinbase or Kraken. Kinda like inside sales. A DASH person who works there and knows what they want and need. Costs them nothing. Knows their systems, knows how to integrate DASH properly. Does it for them. Explains it. Basically, you learn their code, you submit your "integrated DASH" pull request. They audit it, request changes, etc... Do you understand? Paid by DASH, works to serve the client's interests. This should be your top priority. It should have been your top priority since you invented InstantX (IX is a much better name, IS makes no sense).

There's a perfect base of people who need this. Gun Dealers. Crushed by the lies and corruption of Operation Choke Point, they need something they can count on. These are the most secure transactions of all time. Every one of them requires an invasive government background check. Name somewhere else that you swipe your Debit Card that requires you to fill out a 4473 and get government approval before any money changes hands? Go on, I'll wait... It's the perfect use case. I thought you were trying to free the oppressed? Tell me a better way to break chains than by putting a gun in the hands of the enslaved and oppressed... Go on, I'll wait. but you stupid commies chased after Alt36, only to get boned by them, as you should have expected from that people like that... Gun buyers also have to worry about their banks and card companies spying on them and reporting them as "dangerous" for no reason other than exercising a right supposedly protected by the highest law of the land... Even though the NICS call was already made, so, what do these busybodies think they're accomplishing anyway? It's Bolshevism in full effect. I thought you were Libertarians? Oh, right you're not. You're commies happy to see people oppressed... Perfect use case staring you in the face. represents exactly what you supposedly stand for... But you won't do it. Because you're liars. You're perfectly happy with seeing "those people" persecuted.

The fact that you cited Occupy Wall Street and claim them as kindred spirits proves how you are opposed to your own mission statement. It's like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Foot on the door as you grab the doorknob and try to open the door. The harder you pull the doorknob, the harder you push with your foot... A bunch of extremist communists larping as libertarian/anarchist. Your leftist politics is so ingrained you can't see how hilariously stupid this is. You're ideologically opposed to the very thing you say you're trying to create. Of course you can't ever make the right decisions...

It presents an opportunity. At the time of the Occupy Wall Street nonsense, I was homeless. By choice. I mingled with them because their message seemed good on top. The reason I was homeless is that I was sick of being extorted for every penny I managed to get my hands on. Similar to the fake National Anarchists message of today. They start with all the things that make you mad, talk about unity, family values, etc... But then, SOCIALISM! The thing that forced Capitalism to become predatory just to survive. It's typical of leftists. You cause the problem, pretend that part never happened, then blame the mess you made on the very people who were trying to stop you from causing the mess...

I say this because Most of the people I associated with back then are still a bunch of ranting, communist douche bag losers. But, I went from homeless to multi-millionaire in 2.5 years.

Because woketism is death. Reject it and thrive.

As long as DASH remains ideologically opposed to it's own stated goals, it will obviously never achieve them.

I'll say it in a way that even those afflicted by the woketism can understand; If your stated goal is to grow a forest tall and strong, but every day you seek out the tallest tree, cut it down, mulch it, and throw it on the weeds... Eventually you have dead weeds buried under a mountain of rotting mulch, surrounded by a desert of stumps... Do you not have a project in Venezuela where exactly this has happened already? HELLO?!?!?!

Your ridiculous woketism brain damage is driving you to do absolutely everything wrong. As long as you insist on this ideological nonsense, you will keep sabotaging yourself.
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Sep 19, 2014
This "better money for a better future" is lame and pedantic.

1) Who doesn't want a better future? Why even say that? Are you going to convince all the people who wanted a terrible future to change their minds? Who are these people? Why is it so important to reach them? Would not those who want a terrible future, likely be rather staunchly in favor of that position? Do people who want a terrible future kinda sorta, but not really, want a terrible future? Would they be so wishy washy that a slogan that stinks of corporate pie-in-the-sky would change their minds? No. Even if the group of people exists, you're not going to change their minds anyway. So why are we talking about it?

2) The message that fiat sucks and banks are pawns of the evil government is already out there. Anyone who doesn't have their head so far up their ass that they can bite their own uvula already knows this.

You're driving two points that are already driven. We already know this.

You should talk to your target demographic as if they were your friends. You're already on the same page. We get you, because you get us, and we both get "it." Cryptocurrency. Muh Bitcoinz. It makes us roll our eyes... So, look over here, we made something that you can take seriously. No obnoxious "vision." No hard sell. Take it or don't. Whatevs. We're here if you want to see that really, this time, we're not crying wolf. This is for real. Adults can take this seriously! I know man, you've heard it a thousand times. Every shill has their sh!t to shill. No pressure.

The problem is that, so far, thanks to corrupt government meddling, The promise of Cryptocurrency being digital money that we can actually use, a promise Bitcoin/Satoshi made, has been broken. It's Bullsh!t and we all know it. Bitcoin even got in bed with corrupt government scammers to walk back the definition to Cryptoasset so they could kill innovation, while using the fraudulent tax model as a built-in bribe. It's genius. Its evil, but it's genius. I warned you that it was coming, and you'd need to get in front of it, and you ignored me. That's just one more thing against you now... Your objective was to fulfill that promise where others have failed and left everyone rolling their eyes. You trudged on. You built Evolution. Still not sure why, but OK, you did it. Are you done with the "it's not ready yet" excuse? The truth is, you're not ready. You're afraid to win because you're ideologically opposed to wining. You view winning as immoral. So you refuse to do it. Pussies...

This slogan sucks. But, that's not the real problem. The real problem is that a slogan that sucks is perfect for you! Because you suck! Your total lack of self-awareness is so bad, you don't even realize that you called out the very reasons why this is a terrible slogan, and then proceeded with it anyway.

You're right. You need a slogan that doesn't suck.
But, even if you had one, since you still suck, that slogan would be hot air, and obviously so.

You need to stop sucking and actually be worthy of a slogan that doesn't suck. Otherwise you're just Lord of the Flies thinking up cool names for your pointy stick..
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