DarkCoin Wallet Recovery 90% there


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Feb 14, 2021
Lost a DarkCoin wallet many many years ago. Off memory it was an export from the Android DarkCoin-QT package.

Through significant trial and error i finally decrypted it, using a variety of nix tools. I am now left with a very large file, that and its littered with references to DarkCoin, WalletID, Keys, passwords...

I still however cannot open the wallet in ant clients i have tried so far. Pasts posts have discussed this specifically "Restore wallet can't select file darkcoin_wallet_backup_2014-xx-xx Not working"

The original filename / out was: Darkcoin-wallet-keys-2014-XX-XX

It took the format "U2FsdGVkX1/zw ......"

My current working file takes this format: "nw_accounts":[{"id":"darkcoin","currency":{"type":"Darkcoin","code":"drk"},"name":"Darkcoin","password":" ....."

Just need a little help and/ or direction...

Shout out to @strophy and @HashEngineering, who seemed to have waked this journey before!!!

Many thanks to all