Darkcoin in one minute??


Nov 9, 2014
I've been trying to contact few guys in regards to make a video for us, similar to "Bitcoin in one minute".

I reached to www.patrickloonstra.nl and www.sebasvandenbrink.nl , the makers of this video:

They are interested and their work is awesome. This is Patrick's response:
Great to hear you like the video we made.
I am one of the makers, I did the design. The animation is done by
someone else. So if you need a video like this, maybe the two of us
can help you.

Do you allready have a story you want to tell in the video, and a kind
of storyboard? Or it it still in the idea and concept fase?

If you have more info, I whould be glad to talk to the guy who did the
animation to see if we can partner up for this.
You can find his work at sebasvandenbrink.nl

Ciao Patrick...

Branding & Design

The question to community is whether we want them to do it and how. Do we have any animations ready or we let them to do all the job?
I know that there is still some important work to be done but video explaining in simple way how Darkcoin tech work, Bitcoin (no privacy) and why privacy matters is not less important.

Your thoughts?
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Apr 9, 2014
Did they talk about $$ ?
not gonna be cheap i imagine