cryptographic money


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May 8, 2020
I still didn't test and even don't think about Dash cryptographic money.

What's your opinion about deciding in favor of gift (I surmise 600 DASH (?) is sensible entirety + 200 DASH (?) to sort out instructive battle about this occasion and to advise Snowden about it some way or another and move DASH legitimately to his Dash wallet… ) Can we arrange it?

Motivations to do it are:

1. To help the most respectable Person who secures the qualities shared by most of the Dash people group (I presume).

2. To let him send anonymized cash (DASH) to any (definitive) payees who might be likewise intrigued by Dash and will begin utilizing Private Digital Cash accordingly.

3. We can expect some positive Media PR response to this activity.

4. We have opportunity to get some assessment of DASH from skillful Celebrity and supposition pioneer.

What's your opinion about it?