[CCnex] Quest system is enabled for all user to make various trade with added excitement.


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Oct 25, 2014

CCnex Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange New Event !!!!

Quest system is enabled for all user to make various trade with added excitement.


My name is Mike Choi from marketing department at CCnex Exchange

We launched a new quest system, which is developed prototype of our tutorial system.

We were consistently in searching for ways to stimulate Altcoin market, and most important think as exchange is to think out side of box. We wanted to create some type of distinct feature so that we can be differentiated from other ordinary coin exchanges. Hence, an idea of quest system came about.

Quests are consist of various missions such as certain amount of coin trade, daily log in and maintaining certain amount of coin. Points will be rewarded upon completing each mission.

There is also a ranking system by points accumulated, and various rewards will be given to higher-ranking users.

For the first month of our quest event, we have BTC prizes for top 5 ranking users.

[ CCnex Quest Reward System]

Selected by the top accumulated points by Feb 8th, 2015 (12:00AM, 9th on UTC time zone)

1st- 10 BTC
2nd - 3 BTC
3rd - 2 BTC
4th - 0.5 BTC
5th - 0.1 BTC

We believe that we have a duty to provide all our services with more fun and excitement. And it is preferable that users feel happy and satisfy by our services.

Please tell us if you have any good ideas or concerns in regards to our Quest system, we will take in to consideration.

Thank you.


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