Bitcoin's Bubble vs. Dash's Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM

Aug 27, 2016

Cryptocurrency's ~14 billion dollar market cap is largely betting that one or more blockchain-based tokens become widely used as "money." But given crypto's current usability, that's not likely to happen. Amanda B. Johnson discusses why the likes of Bitcoin and others are likely currently in a bubble, and why Dash Evolution may well save cryptocurrency.

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Dash Evolution:

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Apr 23, 2016
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If there is a community that gives money to someone , and there is neither a deliverable nor a result at all, and the community does not fiercely demand its money back, this is a clear sign that this community is a bubble. Every reasonable person that happens by accident to be a member of this fraud community, should flee ASAP.

If you want to turn dash to a killer app, then just try to fix the budget system. Fix it in a way so that if someone promises something in the budget system, he receives the budget money and he does nothing at all, then the community to have the right (by voting about it) to take back the money they gave to him. Kill the fraud, kill the scam, this is what Dash really needs. If you do this, then you can name Dash a real killer app.

Otherwise if you refuse the above idea, or if you do not set the above idea as your first priority, then the adjective that fits to describe Dash is not "killer app" but some other (not polite to say it in public) .
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