Best Place to ask questions about starting Masternode


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Mar 5, 2017
I've finally accumulated enough for a masternote. I have my own firewall and integrated VPNs in my local network, so I don't really see the need for a hosted masternode. I'm upgrading my Surface Pro 4 to the new one. I'm thinking about using my current i5 SP4 as both a backup DC and and Masternote. I'm wondering if it would be better to make them both HyperV VMs on Windows 10, or make the DC the primary OS and the masternode the VM. Or some other combination. You get the general idea. I want to use this hardware for a masternode and domain controller. BTW, which forum should I post this in :) :)


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Sep 19, 2014
There are many guides on this topic. Google will give you more than this forum thread.
I don't really see the need for a hosted masternode.
If you do not see the need, then you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what MasterNodes are and what they do.

Run your MN from a proper ISP, or don't run an MN.


Sep 2, 2014
Vienna, Austria
Unless you are going for headless windows servers, I would suggest to stick with unix like OSs because of the memory overhead. Also your home network getting DoSed is something you should be aware of (sometimes not the kind of DoS you can filter using your FW). Same goes for shitty routers/modems of consumer ISPs which usually employ the famous swiss cheese security model.

Also I wouldn't host a masternode anywhere near a wallet or miner. Neither physically or logically.

But yes, it does work, but there are more cons imo.