Austin Meetup / 2x Instant Send Videos

How much would you approve?

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Matt Robertson

New Member
Jun 3, 2017

I've been learning about DASH for quite awhile now, but just now becoming active. I want to do a proposal, and seeing as we have a lot of unallocated funds figured it may be a rush but maybe I can get some funds for use in Austin.

Not sure if I should combine several things, Austin Meetup + Instant Send Videos into a single proposal, or maybe do them separate?

First, I own the meetup page:

We had our first meetup and we had 12 people attend the event and 7 people started new DASH wallets which were funded with .11 DASH each. People stayed for over 3 hours talking DASH. I think it was a great success. I plan on hosting another meetup here in the next month. I realize I need to articulate how the money will be spent in more detail, but just trying to get a feel for the level of support.

It would be nice to have some funds to pay for my time and effort and also rent out a bigger place and/or provide food, maybe get a banner printed with the DASH logo for the next meetup.

Also, I've been working on putting together a video that talks in detail about how Instand Send actually works. You can see my other videos at Based on my research so far, I think I need to break into 2 videos. The first video is how it works and why it works. Then the second video is more in depth on all the attack scenarios, the code snippets, and why it works. Enough detail that even fluffy pony can't dispute it.......

I've been in communication with udjinm6 (lead DASH Dev) on a lot of the details and making sure I have accurate info before putting the video together.

So.... If I put this into a budget proposal would people vote for it?
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