An Update to the Voices of Dash Nation Writing Initiative


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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation
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The reboot of the Dash Nation movement has sure been a busy time! After letting this website go kind of abandoned for a long time (something I'm ashamed to admit), there was a lot to do to modernize it and upgrade the front and back ends to deliver a user experience that's worthy of Dash. Dash is speedy, secure and modern, so we needed a site that could claim the same. I truly hope you like the results of our work.

But what good's a website without content? There are plenty of things to talk about with Dash. Proposals, price action, new features and requests, ideas, regulation, economics, you name it. To that end, we needed to attract some writing talent to the Dash Nation team. In July we posted a request for talent to come and write articles in either English or Spanish, as those are the major Dash-accepting communities at this point. We offered a small stipend of $10 USD for each article written, not really as a direct compensation for the time spent, but rather as a "Thank You" for donating their time and skills to the movement towards financial freedom through Dash.

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