A New DAO Inspired By DASH

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Feb 19, 2018
Hello DASH community, you too @argon13. I am posting this as a thank you and credit due type thing. It is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and WILL be the most disruptive thing you ever heard of first.
The DAO will be for the education of and re-implementation of the minerals extraction and production industry's in the us. With a few innovations like mandatory min master node stakes at different sizes and terms. Creating three tiers of voting rights/responsibility and payouts occur in gold bullion not more coin.
Master nodes will only be available at the pre-sale level and only to us citizens and will hold the majority of initial coins. Remaining ico will be available to everyone.
POW and this is the game changer... After creating and fact checking a F2P game on Ps, x box and mobile designed to teach the intricacies of these industries it will become the sole mining operator four this token. Lottery style to any active player logged in at that time. Progression will create multiple submissions and reward is paid out to only one recipient. Upon completing the entire game and taking proctored exams will earn the equivalent of a bachelor's degree and qualify that person to bid on proposals and accept positions or appointments.
I'm in the very very early stages but I'll just say this... I already have the partners I need to ensure it happens. I am looking for experts in every field imaginable who may like to add their opinions. Thanks for reading and thank you DASH community for your part in this path,
Randy Vetter