A central repository for tracking top-level Dash Network issues


Feb 5, 2021
Hi everyone,

It is quite common that an important topic is mentioned and greatly discussed by the Dash community members in one of online forums but never result in any conclusion or action afterwards. Many of these topics are important and strategical to the Dash success but they are not owned/tracked by one of Dash funded orgs. Therefore in most cases they do not lead to any proposal or outcome. In order to address this problem, we created a github repository that tracks Dash network top-level issues. Our hope is that a central list allows the Dash community and MNOs to become more efficient and effective in decision making and execution and instead of spending a lot of time repeating the same discussions in different groups and on different channels, spend their time on the next steps, which are clarifying the problems and coming up with proposals that can address those problems.

Please feel free to take a look, contribute and provide feedback so the process can be improved.
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