“Dash Next”: Merchant & Consumer Activation, Use Cases, Partnerships & Biz Dev in Asia & beyond

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Jun 13, 2018
Dear Masternodes, dear Dash Community

This "Pre"-proposal aims to scale, grow and accelerate merchant adoption and consumer activation to the next level. The goal is to establish and push partnerships on all payment verticals, create win-win cooperation for Dash and our partners, coordinate operational execution, integrations and to streamline efforts with other Dash teams around the globe.

What you will get:
  • Build use cases for various industries with Dash integrations and easy Dash-fiat conversions.

  • Proactive campaigns with selected merchants and industries, esp. POS systems, chains & multi-merchant platforms, banks and exchanges, travel platforms and other partners.

  • Coordinating sales and integration as well as marketing activities efficiently with other teams.

  • Leveraging local networks: Knowing people is the low hanging fruit to starting partnerships. Being on the ground all around Asia, we can leverage our amazing network with local, regional and global companies as well as governments.

  • Use our local presence in Asia to give Dash exposure at conferences and events in a cost effective way.

  • We aim to create best practices and easy integration scenarios for various industries to enter partnerships with POS systems, chains & multi-merchant platforms, banks and exchanges, travel platforms and other partners to share it with other teams.

  • Bring Dash to large hotel platforms with combined more than 1 million hotels

  • Connect Dash with chains of 15k+ branches

  • Integrate Dash into POS systems with 10k+ merchants

  • Enable easy and legal remittance options around Asia

  • Engage with regulators around Asia

  • Push for further Dash adoption on exchanges

  • Actively approach new services and partners

What we have done already and why we are the right team:

Our efforts for Dash have initially launched in Thailand. As most of you have probably seen, our team has established a healthy Dash ecosystem in thailand over the past 8 months and recently started to expand beyond Thailand to Asian and global markets. This proposal is now driven by the Dash Thailand team and partners to build up on this success.

Please see below examples of already initiated partnerships with a variety of companies:

  • Enable instant fiat settlement around the world (Winstantpay) - this partnerships enables us to build great use cases for bigger merchants that require immediate and compliant exchange to fiat.

  • to bring Dash on up to 2mio. Crypto debit cards in Korea (Blucon),

  • facilitate Dash loans and Masternode investments (Celsius),

  • Enable Dash mobile top ups in over 140 countries (Mobiletopup),

  • Outreach to over 50 exchanges that do not accept Dash yet

These activities have also reached far over 2m people through our global media activities, e.g.:


Blockchain News

Blockchain News


Youtube Influencer Sarazar

We have benn also very active on conferences and established many free partnerships with conferences in Asia, reaching over 50k people.

  • Blockchain Life

  • Block Live Asia (Panel Discussion with Roger Ver)

  • CoinAdvice Conference

  • Blockchain Summit

  • Global Supply Chain Forum

  • Secure Bangkok – Silver Bullet Security

  • 35C3 Chaos Computer Club Conference

  • Bangkok Blockchain Conference

  • ASEAN Digital Summit 5.0

With all these activities, we are on the best way to now scale our efforts and leverage multiplication effect through existing and new partnerships with big merchants by 2020.

To reach this target and push for global partnerships, we need a designated budget and a suitable project name.

  • As a budget, we planned with max. 17k USD meaning 110 Dash per month.

  • As a name we consider “Dash Next” as suitable for global partnership efforts.

We are really looking forward to your ideas and feedback.