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    Missing DRK from

    Hi so I got the 2 emails about final drkpool coin payouts but I have a problem/question. I had never assigned an wallet address to my drkpool account so in the first email it was referred to as NULL. In the 2nd email i clicked that full link on google docs to change old wallet to new wallet for...
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    Missing DRK from

    Ok I got 2nd email with full link to change wallet for coins to be sent to but I entered NULL for the old wallet address because I had never put my wallet address on my account. Will I still get my coins?
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    Missing DRK from

    Hi, I got the email about coins auto paid to wallet thing but I had not setup a wallet yet so it was NULL and it wouldn't let me select the address given at bottom to change wallet Thanks
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    Mining remotely using Microsoft RDP Client Help Please?

    Hi there. I want to be able to use the Microsoft RD Client android app to launch my bat file on my desktop to run sgminer. I've tried changing the "device" variable in the conf, I've tried 0,1 and 2 but it won't start. What is the problem because I would rather use this app than install some 3rd...
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    Hashing Speeds

    i5 4670k ~500Kh Sapphire R9 290 Reference Design ~3700Kh both are left standard (not overclocked) No HW errors on the GPU and some days 1% rejected shares/parts whatever that is and some days no invalid shares. Is this good?