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    v0.10.16.x Testing

    Any updates on when Instant Transactions testing might start? :smile:
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    Does using it trigger a warning to the user/operator? Anything like this should cause a big impossible-to-miss equivalent of hands coming out of the screen to shake you awake and make sure you know what you're doing because you're stepping off the path and into the scary dark forest to get lost...
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    Just for fun: Darkcoin the Movie

    Chuck Norris. All Chuck Norris jokes originate from a film where Chuck will play Evan in a 2016 film about DRK taking over the world, and the masternodes have evolved the ability to send jokes back through time. (Yes, this was posted from 2016 too. Shojayxt's family if you're reading this...
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    WTS [SERVICES] Darkcoin MN Escrow Service

    Can the customer keep their 1000 DRK in their own cold wallet?
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    Darkcoin Decline Yet Again

    Do they do it on the ask side too? If so, you could keep adding asks (a small one at first to test it) 2 duffs above the highest bid, then when the bot immediately puts an ask one below it, you buy it. Continue till you have all the dark you need. :cool:
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    Nemo's post with links added to save readers' fiddling thus reducing their inertial resistance to following the links:
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    In case he's not watching, let's turn on the batsignal... eduffield
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    funny darkcoin GIFs + Pics

    From droptable...
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    v0.10.15.x Testing

    Better if it was something that screams the reasons why it's not really centralization, that it only affects masternode payments and is in no way in possession of special powers that control the user's transactions themselves.
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    v0.10.15.x Testing

    FFS can we at least not call them ubernodes! They need to sound as insignificant, non-threatening and non-central-powerish as possible, not like Death Stars orbiting a giant Eye of Sauron.
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    v0.10.15.x Testing

    Although the solution is good technically, it would be a public relations disaster. Trolls & dummies already scream about "CENTRALIZED masternodes", now the majority will join them, only the already converted who have bothered to understand everything properly would defend us. The perception of...
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    If it hasn't been done already could we remove mint pal from our suggested trading platforms

    This totally needs to happen right now, at least temporarily. It's beyond "Just be patient" at this point. I used to love mintpal and I hope they'll turn it around, but for the time being pointing our new users in their direction can only hurt darkcoin. As RenegadeMan put it:
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    Mintpal is up !!!!! OMG can you believe it !!!!

    Some people on the bitcointalk thread have apparently managed to withdraw coins successfully now.
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    Open Bazaar Integration

    @50:02 Should this be a concern?