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    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    3 Investments? I thought it was only 2 Craypay and the yet to be announced one. So there is even more to wait on :) I have to say it's really great to have you on the DIF Darren great Results and Communication. Have you thought about compensation for the DIF Supervisors? Wouldn't want to lose...
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    Regarding the 5 Dash proposal fee

    I think if we restart something like Dash Boost it should work similar to Gitcoin Grants. Though I think more projects similar to Dash Incubator could also solve this issue.
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    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    Would be interesting to know what your competitors are. I would think that this is a pretty crowded space.
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    Community Ideas

    @AndyDark That's pretty much the reaction i expected. While i would never advocate for increasing the Block Rewards decreasing them seems acceptable to me. But of course just because i find it acceptable doesn't say anything about what others or the market as a whole thinks. So i would say my...
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    Community Ideas

    As anybody given any thought to just reducing the ammount of dash created? Instead of worrying how to best distribute the created Dash we could just not create it at all. Not sure if that is a good idea (its' definitelly controversial) but i think it's at least an option to consider. We have...
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    Dash Merchant Venezuela - Massive Adoption Program (Updates + News)

    Also, something I would find interesting to know are there Merchants adding Dash without your direct involvement and if so how many?
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    Dash Merchant Venezuela - Massive Adoption Program (Updates + News)

    Do you have some data on how often people actually buy something with Dash it any of these merchants?
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    Proposal: Core Team Conferences & Travel (July)

    This put's us 18.25 Dash overbudget. Was that considered when creating the Proposal? Reading the description it seems like requestion a little less to avoid this would have been fine.
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    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    I will definitely support this proposal. The quality of the things you make is really outstanding.
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    Question regarding jurisdiction in which Core Group, Inc. is planning to pay tax

    The way I understand it DCG is registered in the USA (probably Arizona) and will pay taxes there. The Trust is already active and owns the DCG but this has no influence on where DCG pays taxes. And hopefully soon we will get some guidelines about what the Trust allows the masternodes to do and how.
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    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense you have my support.
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    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    The offline payments solution is the only thing I am worried about. Because so far I have not seen any way to do safe crypto payments without an internet connection. What exactly do you want to do and how?
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    Pre-Proposal: 1st DASH Conference Trujillo Venezuela 850.000+ people!!

    I find it quite strange that so many people with new accounts are commenting in support of this. It feels fishy.
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    I just want to say that I support this project. Especially with all the effort that has already gone into it. What is your current timeline? When do you plan on submitting a proposal? I fear with the current price it will be hard to quickly get 2Million$. Personally, I wouldn't' recommend...