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    Attention Dash Masternode Owners: Please register with the Deterministic Masternode List now

    Well unless our first attempt to go to Determistic masternodes doesn't fail, if it does it will take at least 2 more months for this point on.
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    51% Wallet Claims

    I think that would be interesting, but I don't think DCG should bent over backwards if 0.14 is going to be live in 3 months or less. Even more if they do so it looks weak as it a direct response on to this FUD. IF we bring it out later we get the news affect of this FUD, and than later on we get...
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    DCG will discontinue support for DashCopay wallet

    I don't mind and understand the reasons why dash will no longer support dashcopay. But i what I don't understand it why it took so long, it seems to me that dashcopay was a dead end early on or even before starting it.
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    v13.0 Testing

    In an older version of the road the following was said ( : Masternodes will scale and be tested using a system called ”state transitions.” This system will provide a mathematically predictable way of determining the quality of...
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    ALT36 was a first of it's kind for both Dash and crypto, but times have changed, there have been many more proposals fund by the Dash treasury. Some of them can now be used as great examples. The one that comes closes to all is KuvaCash, KuvaCash is in all respects when it comes to delivering...
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    First of I think you active presents at events and confronting people that loudly call Dash a scam out is great. Than again if we actually start paying people for this could potentially backfire so, it a bit of double edged sword. But unpaid challenger of the FUD is great ! From what I know...
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    Announcing DIP 5 - Blockchain Users

    Let me clarify 1) The first part what is needed to be able to pay the bills running MNOs and running the mining hardware can be achieved by transaction fee's allone, however addition fee's for addition services need to be added 2) The 2% ROI per year would something I would like to see, but I am...
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    Announcing DIP 5 - Blockchain Users

    Personally I have always believed and said coins should be able to re-enter the blockchain do this should be done very carefully. I disagree and based on my own calculation's and assuming Hardware will still improve 10x or more $0,0001 or less will be more than sufficient to cover all the...
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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    What's taking so long Why aren't the mining pools updated yet to version 0.12.3
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    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    Did these programmers really deserve there paycheck ? Seeing it was hacked in a major way
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Thank you Tungfa, I see most post leading towards only this forum post, some also go the more accessible PDF download. I am sorry but this is simply not good enough, it should be accessible to all, personally I would think a link to or make PDF downloads available to...
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Can you please tell how I can read it on medium ? Because I am not able to find it. At any-rate i went here after reading it on dash discord "dash-important" it only has a link to this forum, if it can be found at more places, you should add at the very least some of those that can be reached...
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Where is that document other than here ? I don't mean links to it. People that are not registered any form of way for any related to Dash, need to be able to read this kind of stuff. Quit allot of people value crypto's based on their report and progress. My advise would be put these out via...
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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    I was just thinking, version 12.3 does not seem like its a major upgrade at all, but if that really how much it differs in resource requirements, that really is allot of difference. I am assuming there is something else going on if not than Dash Core really dropped the ball on there press...
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    Pre-Proposal: 1st DASH Conference Trujillo Venezuela 850.000+ people!!

    Understood, but current the Dash budget is constraint. There are simply to much (good) proposals not not enough available funding to go around, but if all goes well, there should be enough space for funding for a project like your's, seeing multiple multi month proposals will end in 1, 2 or 3...