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    New Frustrations; Who’s at fault and does it even matter?

    Wow, I completely disagree 75 percent with you. Though this is the first time I've heard concerns about contact list privacy. I'm not sure how it's less private than using regular methods to pay someone. Too bad nobody else wants to engage here, that's probably why I don't use this forum...
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    New Frustrations; Who’s at fault and does it even matter?

    I don't think you have any idea what is going on @Geert. The Trust protectors are oversight, so they are not there to "protect DCG" but there to make sure DCG does what it is supposed to do. And the fact that Ryan gives himself a seat at the head of the TP table does not look good. And...
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    New Frustrations; Who’s at fault and does it even matter?

    I don't understand what you are saying @Geert . Who is the DAO in your terms? DCG and DIF are DAOs so ... I don't understand. Thank you.
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    Address changing

    And I'm so sorry for disappearing, I have lost the habit of using the forum, and will try to be a better member :)
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    Address changing

    RE: Core wallets, is there a reason that they don't use deterministic addresses other than that was the first type of wallet created by Satoshi Nakamoto? Is it less safe in any way? Because it seems to me, that it'd be easier to lose a back up of a wallet (only digital) than to lose the...
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    New Frustrations; Who’s at fault and does it even matter?

    My Opinions: The Dash Network has been frustrated with the price and ranking of our project for a very long time, and for a long time it was a mystery why we were doing so poorly. With instant transactions and chain locks making the network super secure, especially against 51% attacks, we felt...
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    Regarding the proposal to reduce the proposal fee [META]

    I'm sorry Quizzie but this proposal has nothing to do with proposals that request funds for 24 months vs 3 vs 1, it's about the proposal fee. I remember the DashCrypto proposals and I voted no on all of them BECAUSE of the 24 month time span. 24 month time spans are pretty much a no no to all...
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    Address changing

    Hi @Gabriel Salinas . I don't want to sound like I'm talking down to you, so please forgive me if I'm being too basic. First of all, are you using the core wallet? The main one on your computer/desktop rather than a phone or tablet? Anyways, a lot of wallets will pull up a new deposit...
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    What is Dashmate?

    I wanted to go through the registration system again after reinstalling my MN server (old IP address) When doing the protx register submit step it says: 23:22:36 bad-protx-dup-addr (code 18) (code -1) But it's a fresh deposit in a fresh address. Is the problem my reuse of the same server...
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    Dash Core Group Q4 Quarterly Call - 04.02.2021

    why doesn't the core wallet have user name capabilities? (I may know the answer, no mnemonic keys?)
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    Dash Core v0.17.0.0 RC2 now available for TESTNET

    @tungfa what does this mean? " Note: RC1 was scrubbed due to changes needed to the build system after it was tagged. " Thank you :)
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    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    It seems incredible that such a small change can have an impact. I see you are basically trying to flatten the curve of available money supply and I understand that. You have my support. I would like to know how long you think this needs to be in place before evaluating whether or not it...
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    Consensus Mechanisms

    @Ryan Taylor I do have deep concerns over mining. China almost exclusively manufactures all the silicon chips today. How long (and how cheaply) could they stockpile ASICS For an attack? If chainlocks could be triggered to fail, one country could cause a catastrophic failure. Sure, we could...
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    v14.0 Testing

    May I get a tDash handout for running a MN? yh8ZNZLr73K1B3UrgLcNqKV8m2ZQH47qfQ Thank you :)
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    v13.0 Testing

    Oh dear, I really don't understand. I hope someone steps up that can follow your concern and talk about it, sorry!