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    I need to get in touch with an XPool admin please!!

    If any admins for xpool.ca are here.. can you please respond or send me a message please.. I need to talk to you... I think there is an error on my payout for today..
  2. Syntor

    Tried to send .99 Dark and wallet says transaction over limit size? WTH??

    Not only did my offline wallet tell me the transaction was over limit size.. but wanted to charge me an extra .01 to send it, after what seems that the wallet is trying to charge me .02 to send the .99Dark.. Who the hell is charging me .02 to send my own dark and who the hell is suppose to get...
  3. Syntor

    ELI5 What's with the crazy jump in Difficulty??

    I know I am still green to most of this.. but I just looked at the last 20 blocks found on the DarkCoinTalk pool and good gawd!! From 804 to 8,060 in less than 48 hours?!?! Am I missing something?? Is this due to the Forks or are that many people pointing that many rigs at Dark right now? Or...
  4. Syntor

    Legacy 1 Healty is now open for business!!

    Legacy 1 Health The new store front is open and ready for business!! We are a proud reseller of Isagenix brand Health, Wealth, Beauty and Nutritional Products!! All of our Products are: ALL NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE, LOW GLYCEMIC, and work with your bodies natural abilities to help create the best...
  5. Syntor

    Is Mining.Darkcointalk.org down?

    I just came home and see nothing but Stratum Connection Failed: Failed connect to mining.darkcointalk.org:3333; no error What gives? This mean the site is down? anyone else having issues??