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    Pre-Proposal: Integrating low-power IoT devices to a dash blockchain

    As for "making bad decisions", assuming this refers to your idea, there was nothing for MNOs to decide on. Put a proposaal out and promote it! But I can already tell you, calling people lazy and stupid won't win you much support.
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    Pre-Proposal: Integrating low-power IoT devices to a dash blockchain

    How can the network be sure that you'd actually be able to deliver such a significant project? And why should we trust you that you will, even if you're able?
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    Pre-proposal: Marketing - Dash promotion project

    I realize this is probably out of date, still wanted to reply because I find the idea interesting, and also to give others reading this some guidance in preparing good proposals. I do think that it's basically a great idea and I'd play the game with my family. But why so little interest here...
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    A better way to calculate the value of dash

    I assume that you'd actually consume the things you buy with DashDirect. I'm not sure how you'd resell your half-eaten Chipotle burrito for full price to make your B) work.
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    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    I agree more graphics would be nice. But I need to disappoint you: The DIF does not have a marketing team. Maybe one day, if we do a good job and keep growing, we can afford to have one, but that's still a long way off. For now, the DIF is run by six unpaid volunteers with day jobs and...
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    A better way to calculate the value of dash

    A user, who spends $200/month with an average savings of 5%, spends $190 out of pocket and saves $10. He does this for a year and he'll have bought $2400 worth of stuff, while paying only $2280 out of pocket and saving $120. $120 out of $2400 is still 5%, not 60%.
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    你是中国人吗? 请用中文帮助我和DIF。

    The translation works, but it's a mix of simplified and traditional. So either 达世币投资基金会 (mainland China) or 達世幣投資基金會 (Taiwan, Hong Kong)
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    Latest DCG Accountability & Transparency Discussions in Discord & Reddit

    I just posted a response on Discord to a request for feedback. Fits here too: Like many old-timers, I often insist price is not the most important, but since DCG is the largest known regular seller of Dash, they put pressure on the price and should at the very least provide enough value to the...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    I understand you're really upset. I wasn't really following the Kuva drama and the Dash News defunding, so I'll reserve judgement, although it does look like it was a loss for the community. But in either case, let's tone down the name calling a bit. @xkcd, stand above it, you're better than that!
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    What is the BBC licensing model and why has it failed? Not really familiar with it. > "An almost guaranteed income from the treasury to fund ventures for profitable businesses elsewhere." First let's be careful with the wording. I haven't looked closely at DIF accounting, but normally, the...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    As if the above post wasn't long enough yet, let me add a few more thoughts. There are voices that call for immediate action from the DIF to support the Dash price, some even going so far as asking the DIF to sell assets and buy Dash. Again, let me refer to my Reddit history on that, you see my...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    A question came up on Telegram and I'll put the answer here for better visibility: "Thanks! I read yours. It tells about your background and relevant credentials but not what direction you would want the DIF to take; what kind of investments you would push for and the like." Good question. The...
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    2021 DIF Candidate Announcement Thread

    Hi all, the page for the election is up and you'll find my name on there at the bottom. I sure hope that's not indicative of the result I'm gonna get once the election is over! ;-) Profiles should be posted there soon. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash Advisory Board

    Interesting idea. Not sure adding another governance body would really make a difference, but worth exploring. One question: why would you limit it to MNOs? There may be very enthusiastic, valuable and insightful community members who weren't lucky enough to scoop up a masternode in the early...