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    Promoting Dash in Southern Africa

    Not the biggest but maybe the heart of the world:D, it does contain perhaps the largest majority of unbanked people and a heap of only half exploited resources that have been controlled thru debt,war and corruption via successive empires, to free the African people of foreign control,improve...
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    Orbs,Space X and more Orbs

    And more Orbs. Tracked by Puerto Rican customs and airport radar, at end it finds another orb friend and they dive into the sea together,does not respond to hails, lol,
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    Orbs,Space X and more Orbs

    Well guys, its all orbs right now, I don't know how to reason this one without aliens being the most likely explanation, even Elon Musk tweeted ' not ruled out' a ufo causing this', have you caught any of these? The space X is the most inexplicable, many angled high shutter speed hi-def...
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    Monero - if you can't beat them, join them!

    Sub-Ether refuses to make sarcastic comments about bloated unscalable blockchains, developmental deadends,missing proof of service/stake, troll armies, poor single tier network ability and obvious artifical price rises based on creeping buy walls using lack of supply as a market mover. No no no...
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    James Corbett on 9/11

    New increased insurance policy to cover terrorist attacks and bets on airline stocks just before 9/11, to name but a few, there are many incongruous dots. If you can't stand to hear the prestitutes trying to justify 15 years of war based on lies within lies but would rather some honest reporting...
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    Crisis-Torn Venezuelans Opt For Dash and Bitcoin

    They did try blaming and then banning bitcoin on the economies demise but that probably doesn't matter when you are starving hungry and haven't been able to even buy sugar for over a year! Glad I visited when I did because their country will possibly take decades to recover, did you know all the...
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    Crisis-Torn Venezuelans Opt For Dash and Bitcoin

    The ultimate irony is that unlike Zimbabwe they can't hyperinflate to infinity because they owe millions to the foreign currency printers that banged out three jumbo jets packed full of nicely printed paper with Bolivar's face stuck on it, so the government is el skinto and can't even pay for...
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    Ethereum hard fork countdown clock

    There be a crazy amount of money flying around, competing random cross chain transactions sounds messy to me, this will probably strengthen Dash even more, there were 1 or 2 devotees quoting Dash as being a more stable investment and they were thinking of switching over. IMO, 1 thing Dash and...
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    Ethereum hard fork countdown clock

    Just to let you know that 'betting' forked ethereum on certain popular exchanges will result in getting free ethereum classic coins, its happened twice to me now on different exchanges, I think the transaction is copied on both chains but you only pay once, lets see if anyone notices ;) Is this...
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    Ethereum hard fork countdown clock

    best day trade I've had for ages, 24 minutes until history is rewritten and 12 million Eth are refunded (the word 'bailout' is not allowed to be used on the forum, lol)
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    Ethereum hard fork countdown clock

    Cornell's top computer whiz, The critical weakness of the refund engine is its dependence on the inviolability of the DAO's token management, discussed next. The current implementation relies on the integrity of the old...
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    Ethereum hard fork countdown clock 50 million dollars of DAO was stolen but can not be accessed due to the delayed 'smart' contract nature of the Ethereum code, if this was dumped on the market quickly the price of Ethereum would plummet when it is exchanged for the DAO. They are...
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    how can i quickly catch up to the blockchains current block?

    I have quite quickly updated the wallet with a very slow 3rd world high ping rate unstable connection and yet I couldn't download 50 meg (mp3) podcasts because it would time out/cutoff, so this can work better both ways, and mobile connections sometimes throttle large file downloads but down...