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    China's crackdown, Dash needs to move away from X11

    Long term, a non-issue because renewables and storage infrastructure make it infeasible. Easy enough to monitor consumption when it's lots of direct connections to one big generator but near impossible with lots of different sources and buffers.
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    A few questions on data contracts

    Layer one validation methods, can they be used in data contracts, can a valid Dash address be a required field for example? Can a document be editable by more than one identity, for example, if an app had voting as user created documents could the app delete them after the vote? Are there any...
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    Dash/EUR on

    The existing Dash/BTC pair will probably need to see more activity before that can happen. There's hardly ever any activity on there, I've often had the only realistically priced sells on there and rarely had any buyers even when they've slid 10-20% below current prices.
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2021 Quarterly Call - 22 July 2021

    I'm not sure where you're hearing MN owners wouldn't want shared MNs because it would hurt their own income, I've never heard anything other than support for shared MNs along with acceptance that Platform takes a higher priority.
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    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    The download link is giving me: NO TEXT CHANNELS You find yourself in a strange place. You don't have access to any text channels, or there are none on this server.
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    What happened to dash? Be sick?

    Omg, the whole crypto shitshow in a single thread! It's got the price obsession, conspiracy, subterfuge and star of the show, the folks who do all the work getting flamed by self-entitled parasites! There's a screenplay right there, "Crypto, the movie!" and in just 5 posts!
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    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    All good this time, thanks. Looking good, like the tabs :)
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    Chinese Dash Telegram group.

    A Dash China Telegram group was launched recently by administrators of the main Dash Telegram group:
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    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    Libc6 out of date here: dlopen: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.25' not found (required by /tmp/_MEI8Th2Lq/ I'm probable running a too out of date distro to expect up to date software to run at this stage though (ubuntu 16.04).
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    Who would feel comfortable posting IP here?

    Your ideas are practically worthless, the value is in implementation. The world is overrun with great ideas, a flooded market that can't be tapped because it usually costs far more to navigate the patent/IP minefield than to actually develop the idea.
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    Is mining reasonable in 2021-2023?

    If you're planning on investing in crypto mining then imo the very first step is a renewable energy supply, if you're not getting your electricity extremely cheaply (ie. free) then you're on a road to nowhere. Mining is extremely competitive with big operations investing millions in reducing...
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    Hashrate as a reference to price.

    Iirc it was removed, I was checking up on what effects total emission a while ago and I'm fairly sure it was written out and only unallocated budget could effect total emission now. Hope I'm wrong about that because I've long felt our unfixed (but limited) total emission could be an ace up our...
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    Hashrate as a reference to price.

    Thanks, interesting to see it being researched in depth. I see they've already addressed altering difficulty adjustment methods to avoid exploits (something Dash addressed from the very start). Do you know of any research on using it as negative feedback, using it as a basis for adjusting...
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    Pre-Proposal: Solving the 'Free Money' treasury problem

    Who's this "someone else" you're talking about? I don't know about Geert but that point is the main reason for my opposition, that 10% has never belonged to anyone before. There was no "someone else's money" and my problem is with giving it to MNOs, "vote against spending this and it's yours!"...