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    New Dash video series: Why Dash should definitely NOT be promoted as a cloud

    What do folks think when they hear "DAO"? Some junk quality ETH based project that copied the name to get some publicity before turning into a total shitshow. What do folks think when they hear "Evolution"? Various projects that used the name to hijack some publicity from Dash. I prefer...
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    Joel Valenzuela, Did the Bitcoin Cash Split Accidentally Solve Crypto Governance?

    A few thoughts. The very first point, Dash governance makes it much more stable but it doesn't move as fast. Imo that's not a product of Dash governance and we'd actually move a lot slower without it. Ancient decentralised cultures getting wiped out by centralised authorities is the glaring...
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    Joel Valenzuela, Did the Bitcoin Cash Split Accidentally Solve Crypto Governance?
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    is there a way for an US company to pay with dash istead of using swift?

    I've no direct experience of that but it shouldn't be difficult for them. Maybe check out some of the payment processor options, they should be able to satisfy their accounting and legal requirements:
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    Pre-proposal: Community Voting Expansion

    First thought is major holders, things like investment funds would have overwhelming voting power, if a few wall st. funds got together they could probably have anything from veto power to total control. However, that's not really any different to MN collateral, if a small number of entities can...
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    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle.

    More MNs may come to vote but only to vote "no". This proposal shifts the basis of their incentives from allocating the Dash network funds to allocating "their" funds. Anything paid out is effectively taken from MN owners pockets, it's funds they would otherwise receive. This sets a very bad...
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    Question about Dash Usernames

    Somewhere there's a demo where a random number is automatically added to all usernames (ie. Allison_654321). Seemed like a good approach, simple and effective but I've not seen it in more recent demos.
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    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle.

    Are you aware of the economic incentive this creates? If approved it incentivises masternodes to vote against funding anything, the funds go from belonging to the treasury to belonging to masternode owners. Masternode owners aren't that dumb, all proposals that have tried to reward them from the...
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    WTF: Using a PrivateSend transaction with 10 or more inputs can damage your privacy

    It happens to me quite often, all the larger denominations get used up and the smaller ones gather. The easy fix is to sweep up what's left, forward it to yourself and mix it again. I'd been wondering if it could be re-worked to record how many times each denomination gets used and mix more/less...
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    Consensus Mechanisms

    There's something we're missing here, not just Dash but the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. We're aiming to be cryptocurrency, money, but we're getting it back to front, our value is entirely based on market forces when it should be the other way around, money should be what everything on...
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    Community Ideas

    A point on how natural economies differ from financial economies. The value of money sits on a knife edge, when falling more and more will be exchanged for something more stable, when rising more and more will be hoarded. This effect also has positive feedback, amplification. As more is brought...
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    When will DASH shut down?

    Never give up writing Camo, you got a gift :)
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    How to create a stable coin

    Stable as in "linked to fiat" or stable as in genuinely stable? You'd need to be able to code reasonably well but creating another coin isn't all that difficult, it's usually done by cloning another coin and altering whichever of it's characteristics you want to change and a good number of tools...
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    "ProTx address does not match local address"

    Should do, until spork 15 activates the network is (sort of) running 2 types of configuration simultaneously and there's a bit of cleanup work that can be done afterwards, for example masternode.conf will be obsolete and a few entries can be removed from dash.conf. Some of your earlier issues...
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    Is dash wallet 12.2.1 still compatible with the Dash network?

    No, since DIP3 activated today new blocks are no longer valid with 0.12.x clients, you need to be on 0.13.