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    DASH at Anarchapulco

    That makes perfect sense, thanks!
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    Now this is a great community video
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    Problems with Budget System / Possible Solutions

    I don't think you're a troll but I think this is a bad idea, it's basically pegging our obligations in another currency. This is how a lot of emerging market countries became debt burdened to the extreme - their debts were in USD. All of the same problems could theoretically arise, the USD...
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    DASH at Anarchapulco

    I voted for your proposal, I think we need to coordinate another one for either the silver or gold sponsor program? We have over 7000 dash coming out in the next few days, a lot of that will be spent on obligations but we could easily meet your target (looks like it passed as of now) AND the...
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    Is Segregated Witness also coming to DASH? With this coming down the line, would we still need to increase the block size? Should we increase it anyway?
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    Miami Conference & Next Development Goals

    I would prefer we simply improve darksend like Evan said, but implement it all the time on evolution. Have only those involved with transactions understand them.
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    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience

    I don't know anything about 8 years, but funding like you said is moment to moment. Just like real funding for research. I like how the votes are pretty even yes/no, as I would like this project to be funded for a few years.
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    Tante's Sometimes Weekly update #3!

    I was reading through the documentation and it sounds like it's going to take a while to develop DAPI, DashDrive, DashPay, AutoIX, Fiat Converter system, Reputation system, etc. I am very excited, but do we have any idea what to expect on roll out of these new features, are they going to be...
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    Is our forum under troll attack?

    Honestly it doesn't bother my thick skin, what irks me is what drives them. Would they be paid? What would make someone spend hours everyday writing shitposts on that forum? It's absolutely confounding to me :what::what::what:
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    2nd Tier Lite Nodes

    As a poor person who has a share in a set of masternodes with my dad, all I can say is that I think the community should focus more on growing the network, then internal politics. If any of you truly think up an idea like this, and think it worthy, pay the 5 DASH fee and submit the proposal...
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    Dash is now more worth in USD then Litecoin!

    My thoughts exactly. Evan puts himself out there, and runs this thing like our competition is PayPal, and I love that, because everything is also decentralized, aka, him giving his investors what they want.
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    Is our forum under troll attack?

    Yeah that forum has two/three trolls who basically ruin it. I wish we could moderate that thread somehow...
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    Is our forum under troll attack?

    I try to stay under the radar, I've been into DASH now since Darkcoin about since June 2014, with me learning about this from my father, who I got into anarchism and cryptocurrency. I own two masternodes with my dad, and I just want to say this: As DASH gets more popular, expect more...
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    PR Initiative