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    Pool List

    MoooPool http://darkcoin.mooo.com its 0 Fee for life but we recommend 1% donation :) maybe after you try and find out how good it is!
  2. smak

    DRK Videos ....>

    Its mostly ACiD and iCE but i think theres some dark in there
  3. smak

    Dead Change - an anonymity issue

    Sounds like a winning concept eduffield. Possibly also a "re-anonomize" option for those who wish to keep a bank of anonymized funds and they can just "re-up" their anon with a single click, say if they recently spent 50 of their 100 mixed DRK
  4. smak

    DRK Videos ....>

    Needs more nudity, but a good start! The new wallet design is interesting and innovative, maybe a dowel and holepunch could help in the alignment process of combining QR code fragments, or a stronger binding of the booklets edge. Were any of the hangouts productive? Maybe they could be posted...
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    v0.10.16.x Testing

    Cloning into 'src'... fatal: repository 'https://github.com/darkcoin/darkcoin/tree/ds-zero-fee/src/' not found again and checkout is not updating. never have run into this issue previously. compiled dozens of repos at least..
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    v0.10.16.x Testing

    working ty
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    v0.10.16.x Testing

    Cloning into 'src'... fatal: repository 'https://github.com/darkcoin/darkcoin/tree/ds-zero-fee/src/' not found
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    Question : "....just mined another 1.5 drk !?" .....>

    It is in fact mining.. However you're correct in the fact that there is a distinction between (p2)pool mining and that of what nodes collect. Masternodes employ proof of service mining, as gpu's harness their x11 prowless for proof of work mining. There is also proof of stake mining in other...
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    stratum for x11 algo

    in the ONYX announcement there was a software update for stratum as well as nomp for pool admins. does stratum now support x11?
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    network target (difficulty) vs share size

    well with scrypt its multiplied.. i could not say why. but if you have a "Best share: 40k" in cgminer mining LTC, current diff being 32,135 (wow) what you would need to release a block is 32,135x65,535 or a share slightly over 2 billion.. as i understand it. if thats not the case with x11 i am...
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    network target (difficulty) vs share size

    Perhaps share is not the right term to use then? No, i am not talking pool targets to measure share performance and payout.. I am trying to link entire network difficulty with "best share" size required to solve a block.
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    network target (difficulty) vs share size

    is this a simple 1:1 conversion, if you find a share 5k+ and its submitted without issue a block is found? i could only find info on scrypt where 65535 x difficulty = the required share size to solve blocks.