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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    Interest and faith in cryptocurrency.
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    Linux build

    Do you think it is a good idea to use Linux?
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    Not the best gift for February 14th.

    Because we are dealing with a SCAM project
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    Not the best gift for February 14th.

    It seems that it doesn't matter anymore. Perfect solution. But how about getting her into a crypto business?
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    In our country today is a good day. Therefore, I wish you only good, random Nathan. I hope this forum and it`s family will not disappoint you.
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    Innosilicon Equihash A9 ZMaster first order.

    It is very suspicious to receive such messages from new members.
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    Honestly it doesn`t sound very convincing.
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    Is Dash Mining Still Profitable

    Do you still doubt it?
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    DASH mining in any capacity is officially dead

    Despite this Dash is still a worthy alternative to Bitcoin.
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    Yes, WooCommerce it is the best solution now.
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    p2p mail or messenger

    I tried this post. And also eclipso. But in some settings it is not very good. Could you suggest another way?
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    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Dollar

    lol I will "abstain" from answering. the dollar is unlikely to replace something in the near future
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    p2p mail or messenger

    Good day. I work in the local ministry in a small country (don’t want to mention). l’am not goofy and I understand that all my correspondence is monitoring and phone calls are audited. But I think we are monitored all of us ! From e-mail to messengers. Could you advise please any p2p mail or...
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    okay. Let me know about the electricity bills later.
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    How to mine

    Yes. you will incur losses now.