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    Consensus Mechanisms

    As a dash (darkcoin) investor since 2015 and MNO, I disagree to change to POW because: 1. Dash is designed to be money; security is top priority. Please operate 100B USD (Bitcoin level) system for 10 years before propose change POW. 2. I believe “you get reward, because you have...
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    bad-protx-dup-key (code 18) (code -1)

    My VPS ip is ABC, I use XYZ as ip address for protx register_prepare by mistake, and issue protx register_submit succeed. In the DIP3 masternode tab, address shows XYZ, while actual VPS ip is ABC. Now I realize this problem, re-do bls generate/protx register_prepare/... with right ip address...
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    51% Attack costs on cryptocurrencies : looking for feedback on article

    Hashrate Distribution Rank Pool/Miner Last 100 Last 1000 1 AntPool 28 % 28.4 % 2 All others 24 % 18.5 % 3 12 % 7.8 % 4 ViaBTC 10 % 16.8 % 5 Xoyn4Xxugx5K6... 6 % 5.2 % 50.4%, I don't know how to get 51% hashrate? Pay $15K to Jihan Wu to buy Antpool+ViaBTC?
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    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    Hope this is not another Lamassu, Charlie Shrem Card project.
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    Roadmap dates already innacurate?

    ok Agree, today is 5th Oct, but where is Aug and Sept monthly report? Even if it is released today, we need a monthly report with 2 months delay?
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    Pre-Proposal: Create the first DASH gateway on Ripple

    I support both. It is not only about code, but also users/brand.
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    How to start multiple masternodes from one wallet?

    I'm preparing to start multiple masternodes from one wallet. says I need to "Fill in the form to request a payment/Click the Copy Address button/Deposit 1000 dash to new created address" but...
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    X11 ASIC Miner DR-2 Coming

    Do you mean that DR-2 miners are testing on nicehash and total about 50GH?
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

    When/how share the source code is based on each manufacturer strategy. But just upload some unvalued info and say to everyone "we have open source". I think that is the shame.
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

    Did you download and check it? I only see spec and readme file.
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg don't include source codes, where are the source codes?