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    Anonymous Searching ? Bye Bye Google ; )

    These meta search engines have existed for a while now but they're damn useful. I find them a few milliseconds slower but it's tolerable and improving constantly, I'm pretty sure they just use Google for you hence the name meta search engine, or at least the difference between Ixquick and...
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    Ethereum, the new operating system for humanity

    I think there worth to it, although I do expect it to drop due to massive overhype but I expect it to prove worthy over time.
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    Private Encrypted Email

    I use Tutanota and just signed up to Protonmail. I love Tutanota, privacy and security gives me peace of mind. You can send confidential emails which are password encrypted and only the recipient who you would tell the password to can open it. It's free and I'm assuming open-source, but you...
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    Good Listing - Privacy Tools !

    This is actually a great site, I wish it was updated more frequently with new types of software and services but I guess there's not much to add that often. It's definitely great to consult when looking for new privacy-orientated software and websites to add to your arsenal.
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    Ethereum, the new operating system for humanity

    Oh yes, definitely, I forgot to mention that little tidbit. With Ether/Ethereum it's more about the system rather than the coin/token which makes it so interesting. And I definitely don't see them as competitors, Ether serves a different purpose to Dash and both can be used in conjunction, just...
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    Why is Dash your #1/#2 instead of Bitcoin/Litecoin/other?

    I use to love Bitcoin, and I still do. However other coins have vastly improved crypto technology and added new features and dealt with various limitations properly. Bitcoin is starting to grow old, it's main strength being the poster boy of the crypto world and doing the basics right. Litecoin...
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    Ethereum, the new operating system for humanity

    I don't understand a whole lot about using Ethereum since it's one of the more difficult cryptos to get into however I really admire the work they've put into creating a unique coin which would actually benefit humanity a lot. In the next few years I really think Dash will start to become the...
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    pump and dump

    What's this effectively showing? Is it the fact that the price has risen a lot in the past 24h and with a high trade volume? I'm no expert but I'm guessing here that a small group of people are buying a big chunk of the supply to set up a pump and dump as these coins aren't that big?
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    Ugh trapped in Ethereum

    This might help me out a lot, I had no idea this was released as it wasn't on the Ethereum website. I tried the command line tools but had trouble with chocolatey and picking Geth or Eth and installing those. I might get back into it but maybe I'll wait until I install linux on my other desktop.
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    Dash + Protonmail

    I recently switched from Gmail to Tutanota and I love it. I will also try Protonmail but back when I was looking at a new privacy-orientated email provider they were only taking in a select few new users. I really love how Protonmail is based in Switzerland, but Tutanota is amazing too. The...