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    Hello! We are Noobie WebServices. You know us from the project and we are now offering a new service. Your all-in-one partner for webdesign, management, hosting and crypto-services. We are a young start-up company combining highly skilled and dedicated programmers with designers...
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    Transition from Darkcoin to Dash is complete on
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    Some nice Darkcoin Merchandise stickers here :
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    20% off on all Rocknife`s ( products, even on the `Deals`. Use coupon-code "KNIVES20" in the shoppingcart. Note: Coupon option won`t show on check out. Apply the code in your shoppingcart.
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    Hello Darkcoiners! We are now officially accepting Darkcoin to be used on Instant X has been tested and is working. Feel free to create shops or buy products with Darkcoin.
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    Hey TaoOfSatoshi, Thanks for all the positive feedback! We were sick of all dodgy projects in the cryptoworld as most are. No telling if we will succeed or not, but this is a project with a real long-term mission.
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    Hey Darkcoin-folks! We are adding new coins soon to our project the coming days and would like the Darkcoin community on board with us. We will be implementing a cool and unique feature for you guys to be able to get your coin accepted. We are not backed by big money but aim to be strictly...