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    p2pool memory leak

    Wouldn't the shares from the other p2pools cause it to go back to a high-usage state? [Edit]: What if there was a way to block a user after they submit a bad share (thats higher than target), for at least 30 seconds?
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    p2pool memory leak

    That would explain why my p2pool kept crashing for no reason.
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    Current P2pool software

    My guess is to help protect against attacks (floods, etc) with basic usage most people only need ~200 connections at once, but that's why they are changeable (on most OS's).
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    Current P2pool software
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    Current P2pool software

    I've been having crashing issues as well, but it seems to just be an issue with the coin daemon talking to the p2pool.
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    P2Pool [ANN][P2Pool] is ALIVE! [Worldwide Locations]

    It seems your p2pool's are missing some global p2pool hashrates. Try adding a node that's connected into the network to help bootstrap the rest. --p2pool-node
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    50% of the network! is at the latest. --p2pool-node It's possible there are other nodes or the ports have changed. has a list of all our p2pool nodes.
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    MPOS Pool?

    Blocks are starting to be found (not sure why it took so long), but I'm seeing them at
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    Pool List

    Can you add our p2pool to the list? Fee: 0.5% Also, you should add .