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    RC3: Hard Fork on June 20th!

    Ok all updated on Thanks for all your hard work guys! All looking good thus far!
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    Fork to stop masternode payments

    Also the blockchain explorer was broken for a good few blocks, so it may have coincided with that :-)
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    To p2pool owner, prepare hard fork.

    You can get him on IRC at Freenode #darkcoin-testing He'll be able to give you an address himself :-)
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    To p2pool owner, prepare hard fork.

    High Spec UK Gigabit P2Pool Node Now Updated! Updated to support MN payments 1 Gbit connection speed - server located central UK, great connection speeds for entire EU Pretty new GUI STILL just 0.5% fee! Payments straight into your wallet! You don't have to trust the pool operator! Setting...
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Yeah as long as you didn't send any funds from the old one after the fork, but even then it should be ok, because on the real chain you haven't sent the funds. If they are still gone, try rescanning the blockchain (darkcoin-qt -rescan)
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Already updated daemon, but my P2Pool node isn't showing that there's anything wrong at all. Will do so this second though. Have also joined the mailing list.
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Hey guys I'm probably being an utter muppet here, but can someone confirm the TIME of the changeover? I know it's arbitrarily "25th", but how long do we have left? I'm seriously sick and need to get updated is all.
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    Developement work for p2pool and NOMP Stratum patch

    I will be updating n00bsys0p's UK Gigabit P2Pool node tomorrow, got the code pulled - just waiting for the height to match! So many thanks to dstorm for his hard work on this - I know he didn't expect it to be finished by now, so AWESOME WORK!
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    p2pool-drk hardfork how to for May 14th

    All set! Here's a BASH script I have running locally so I can't get sidetracked and miss it: #!/bin/bash echo "STARTING DARKCOIN HARDFORK ALARM!!!!! DO NOT CLOSE!!!!" HARDFORKTIMESTAMP=1400094580 ALARMFILE="~/alarm.mp3" while true; do NOW=$(date +%s) MINSLEFT=$(echo...
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    UK 100Mbit P2Pool Node

    No problem for the help dude - glad to help the DRK community wherever I can!
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    Hashing Speeds

    GPU Mining GPU: XFX R9 280X Hash Speed: 2.0Mh/s Software: sph-sgminer GPU: Sapphire R9 270 Hash Speed: 1.05Mh/s Software: sph-sgminer GPU: XFX R9 270 Hash Speed: 1.05Mh/s Software: sph-sgminer CPU Mining CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz Hash Speed: 40kh/s per core with no other...
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    UK 100Mbit P2Pool Node

    I run a fairly large DRK P2Pool node. You can find it here. Server located in London, England. I'll only ever charge either enough to keep the server self-sufficient, or maximum 1%. Built in IRC chat for users of all my p2pool nodes. Still a few days of guaranteed 0% fees (changing around 2nd...
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    P2Pool Setup help

    Great idea. I'll also put forward some help - I run all the pools at, and it's given me a lot of experience very fast!
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    Logo discussion

    Just wow.... This is fantastic. I think it really embodies a number of the core principles behind DRK.
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    How to make a Darkcoin Paper Wallet

    Thanks for writing this guide, TS! Great work! I've posted it over on my FB page and my G+ page.