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    Man's greatest invention

    There are many great inventions like cell phone, internet, satellite, TV etc. I also know one company that takes part in improving and inventing new devices. I read that Beta Solutions once partnered with Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd. They were wrking on designing a dual-channel...
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    What are your plans with your Cryptocurrencies?

    I am going to invest my BTC into ICO project. I am interested in DAV ICO. It has an interesting idea to unite all unmanned vehicles and its users. Even though unmanned vehicle can not be used as a full-fledged taxi at the moment, ordering the small cargo delivery by a quadcopter is already...
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    The next big ICO ?

    I am into Genesis Vision ICO. After reading the review on I bought an insignificant amount of GVT (203GVT). Only regretted that I did not get more. I simply love the idea of the team and their effort to make a change. The main advantages of...
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    Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

    Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies today are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The currencies are transferred directly from peer to peer without any intervention of banks, financial institutions or government. I know that Eobot,Genesis Mining and Hashflare are popular reputable platforms for BTC...
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    Blockchain - a long way to go in order to change the world

    Bitcoin, like gold has value because people believe it has value. If people value something, it is “valuable” to them. For me it's a valuable cryptocurrency for gambling, I read on how wisely spend...
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    Best VPN?

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    Best VPN?

    Pure vpn
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    The Truth About Bitcoin

    bitcoin became very popular
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    great list, thanks
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    Question: Where buy with gift cards

    no idea, sorry
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    Recovering from backup

    Then try disk drill app. It may help with backup your wallet if other methods didn't work. Here you can find a step-by-step instruction. PS I had the similar issue and after disk drill backup everything back to normal
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    U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles

    I just have no words. First UK with its ridiculous privacy law now US. The world goes mad. What will be next. They will penalize for internet vpn or for using photoshop on your photo?
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    We've already lost the war on privacy. Here's why you should still care.

    i think that government will win this war ... unfortunately