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    Store of Value Community AMAs - June 2020

    You can see your investment as a black box. At one time you put a certain amount of money in, at some other time you look how much you can get out of that box. You subtract the initial investment and what is left is "return on investment" (ROI). You can then express that in USD or in a...
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    Store of Value Community AMAs - June 2020

    From my DM Conversation on Discord: Q: 3 issues: 1 fast growing circulating supply, 2 Voting participation, 3 Fixed Treasury. #1 has been linked to MN ROI, which is correct but MN ROI is not just a percentage of Dash being paid out. It is also the value per Dash. So if we can increase the...
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    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    Today I found out that Ryan DID respond to questions in that channel. And that yesterday was the last day. Thank you macrochip!
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    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    I wanted to put my thoughts in the Discord Dash Talk (#ryan-questions channel) but was told by macrochip to remove it or rephrase it. Then I heard that Ryan was not going to respond in that channel, leaving me unsure how to share my thoughts... So I'll just jot them down here and hopefully...
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    Dash Podcast 101 feat Lauren Murphy Co Founder & President of Alt36

    There is something that puzzled me in this podcast. I already asked in the YT-comments, but no answer yet. So I'll ask here again: So with Alt36 you can pay with Dash, but you don't need to. You can pay through Alt36 from your bank account to the dispensary's bank account. Can someone explain...
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    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    Congratulations to everyone and a BIG hats off to the dev-team!
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    Dash Usability Expands with Integration into Spend App and VISA Card

    The article says that the wirex (temporarily) had a Dash enabled card. This is not true. Since Wirex announced their upcoming Dash integration I signed up and got myself a card. I am still waiting for the Dash wallet. For well over a year now. It seems like they are using their Dash funding to...
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    51% Wallet Claims

    Mmmm, interestin. Leaving those paintball games aside for a moment, is there a more or less trustless way to verify the status of the coming releases and testnet?
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    51% Wallet Claims

    Excellent! The reason why a 51% attack would be unlikely on the Dash network, that their miner investment would be lost, is not true as mining power can be rented. But there is another reason. To profit from such an attack one would need a significant amount of dash to double spend. Also it...
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    51% Wallet Claims

    When is 0.14 planned ? When testnet? When mainnet? As the code is written, the requisites are on mainnet and testnet is free, I would say: "what are we waiting for?" Package it up and deploy!
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    HandCash Chain Switch Shows Importance of Ease of Use at Protocol Level

    This sounds like bad news brought as good news. We have been talking about using usernames instead of public keys for years and now they implement it first? in a matter of months? Sounds to me like Dash needs to get its act together, or am I missing something here?
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    New Mining Approaches Provide Hedge Against Centralization As Hash War Looms

    "Funny", because I was just thinking about that while reading about sharkpool. I do not think Dash is in any danger from these freedom hating BCH-fans or others. Do the math, and see how much X11 hashpower they would need in order to get, say 25% of Dash's hashpower. And even then they would...
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    Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) and Dash

    Yes, their Dash holdings are also scary! But compared to 5.9% of all BCH,... Dash feels safer. For a B$ corp it may not be a big deal, but for a 17M coin currency it is.
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    Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) and Dash

    About one year ago, near the birth of BCH I wrote this post: I got a few responses as you can read there but I think my original thoughts will prove to be right. Especially now that we heard about Bitmain's BCH holdings. When it...
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    Wirex Announces Partnership With Dash, New Contactless Cards

    Dash funded wirex for adding a dash wallet to their platform. That wallet would have been ready by February this year (2018). So I opened an account with them hoping that I would soon have my Dash debit card. Wirex has since February added a LTC wallet, a XRP wallet and a few days ago an ETH...